What’s hot, and what’s not?  This is the question that most people struggle with before, during and after the holiday season.  Beating the holiday rush to get the latest and greatest toys has almost become a pastime in our society, and figuring out the way to get your hands on that ultra hot item is a strange and wonderful game.  So what is on the hot toy list for 2009?  Pay attention, and be ready to wait your turn, either at the store, or online.

Popular Action Figures

milleniumlegacy 300x300 The Best Selling Toys TodayIf you are heading toward the action figure and vehicles line of thinking for your holiday gift ideas, you need to look no further than the ever-present line of Star Wars toys.  These toys have been a solid hit ever since the release of the first action figure dolls in the late 1970’s and they show no signs of letting up in popularity.

The hottest toys in the series today are certainly either going to be the revival of the original trilogy collection of action figures and vehicles, or the (much more) expensive but incredibly detailed Legacy Collection line of vehicles and playsets.

For example, the Legacy Collection features an incredible version of the iconic Millenium Falcon, which is so realistic you will think it’s an actual prop from the movies.  From the least expensive 3 ¾ inch action figures, to the most expensive vehicles in the Legacy Collection, Star Wars toys are on the hot list to stay.

New Elmo Toys

elmolive The Best Selling Toys TodayOver the past few years, the phrase “hot toy” has been associated with one, very familiar icon; Elmo.  This year, the newest and greatest is Elmo Live, which will bring the beloved character to his most life-like representation ever.  The doll features a moving mouth as it talks and realistic movement in all of the arms and legs.

If want the ultimate Elmo companion for your child, this is the toy you need to find.  It is easy to get at most online stores, and certainly will have a top spot in most retail locations.  While not the least expensive toy of the season, it sure provides a ton of fun for the money, and is built to take a lot of play.

Hot Learning Toys

In the category of learning toys and/or games, the Vtech V Motion is probably the king of the hill for hot items.  This video game console system features games for a wide range of age groups which teach math, language skills and dozens more basic to intermediate learning techniques, all in video game format.

The console is very much like most other advanced types you will find, such as the Nintendo Wii or the Playstation, however this one is just for kids.  The games are highly entertaining, simple to use and excellent tools to reinforce learning and education.

The system comes with the console, a controller and a game sampler to get you started.  It is available in a couple of colors, so it is easy to find for both boys and girls.

Hot Toys For Older Kids

halo3 300x300 The Best Selling Toys TodayFor the older kids, a sure bet for fun and excitement on the “A” list of hot toys, would be the Halo 3 Covenant Laser Tag set.  These toy laser pistols are fashioned from the guns found in the insanely popular Halo video game for the Xbox 360, and are realistic down to the sounds of the laser firing and size of the pistols.

The basic package consists of 2 laser pistols and sensors and is very affordable.  Packages can go much further up in price as you add more guns and accessories, however the basic starter kit is enough fun for two people, and will certainly make you the envy of the neighborhood.

These four toy groups are without question the hottest of the hot for the 2008 holiday season, and leave no age range excluded.

There is a child in all of us, so whether you are out looking for your toddler, young adult or even your husband, there is something here for everyone.  Get your spot in line!