5 Board Games rumored to become movies… What happened?


A while ago I came across a few articles that implied some of the biggest, well known board games were going to be turned into movies. I let the subject sit for a while because rumors are usually just that, rumors. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve seen such headlines and figured now was the time to check up on how accurate these statements were. As I expected, just about each project either never met completion, faced legal problems or just never materialized… but why?


In 2015, it was reported that Hasbro was teaming up with Lionsgate to produce Monopoly: The Movie – stirring up positive and negative reviews alike. Many were quick to call it a ‘Cash Grab’ and another example of ‘creativity leaving Hollywood’- both of which sound pretty accurate to me.

This is Hasbro’s second attempt to having the film made. The first attempt was in 2013 with Emmett/Furla and Ridley Scott as the director- but it never moved past the development stage.

Here we are, nearing the end of 2016 and there hasn’t been a peep about this coming to fruition. Could it be due to Lionsgate’s (now dwindling) focus on Hunger Games, Divergent and other young adult book to film conversions instead? Or perhaps they’re waiting to see how bringing back Power Rangers goes for them in March. Nostalgia can only work so many times right?



The news of a movie based on Candyland began in January of 2012 when Columbia Pictures announced their intention to develop a live-action version of the game starring Adam Sandler (of all people). Their catchphrase to sell the idea to the masses was “Candyland is more than just a game”. That may be true, but unfortunately for them it wasn’t their legal right to pursue such a vision.

Six months or so after the announcement was made, Landmark Entertainment Group, the folks who were responsible for developing many of Candyland’s signature characters, environments and concepts – filed a suit against Hasbro. They claimed Hasbro never had the right to license the game and it’s content to Sony or anyone else.

Although the game originally came out in the 1940’s, it wasn’t until 1984 when Landmark stepped in and revamped the game into what it is now. Needless to say- production on the film never continued.. which in my opinion is just as well. I can’t take anything Adam Sandler appears in seriously.


Ladies and gentleman- here we have a film that actually exists but I’m not sure it should. Just from the trailer alone it is evident that much needed to be done in order to turn the concept of the game into a full length feature film. My immediate reactions are- Rhianna? Really? Aliens huh? Battle for EARTH? Alright….

Suddenly a game that was simply a back and forth guessing marathon turns into a quest to battle aliens and destroy their crazy powerful ships before they decimate the planet. I just keep wondering what the original script was that manipulated into this Hasbro nightmare. I thought Liam Neeson had higher standards… My go to guide for film reviews is Rotten Tomatoes- surprisingly it scored a 34%. It’s still a failure but was ranked much higher than I would have anticipated. Point is, if your critics are calling the movie a chore to watch… perhaps you should throw in the towel on any future game inspired films Hasbro…


Clue Board Game

5 years ago there were talks about a Clue remake by Universal, funded by Hasbro. As you may know, this game was already turned into a film back in 1985 starring Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren. Unfortunately for the producers it did not do very well- grossing less than $15 Million.

This was one of multiple “games” Hasbro offered to Universal in sort of a package deal to make into films over the next several years. As time went by however, it became evident that one by one each was getting dropped.. but why? In this case they wanted to focus on 4 films over the original 7- the above-mentioned Battleship being one of them.

This past August, however, FOX came on board to work with Hasbro on this remake- stay tuned- there may be hope for you Clue-enthusiasts yet.


Hungry Hungry Hippos

Now this one literally has me scratching my head. In 2012, there are dozens of articles confirming that Hungry Hungry Hippos will in fact, be turned into a movie. It is now 2016 and I have yet to see a current article or even an IMDB page to back that up.

Heading over to the Wikipedia page it tells me that “production is to begin in early 2016” but why on Earth would they have waited 4 years to start it? “Plot and other details are being kept secret”… Ok…

You may remember this hilarious trailer that was circulating around back around the time the movie was ‘confirmed’- as hilarious as it may be, I fear the end product could be just as.. flawed? Let’s just hope they left a simple game, a simple game and nothing more. At this moment the site is still listed on the studio’s page (according to WIKI) so I’ll be sure to update if/when confirmation this is confirmed or denied.


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