5 Strange ‘Celebrity’ Board Games


Ah yes, a stroll down memory lane – for some of you, at least I’m sure. Who knew there were so many board games inspired by pop culture? As a newbie to the gaming world (even after a year of effort, I still consider myself a juvenile) – it still surprises me to come across some of the games that exist out there.

I hope you will join me in this journey to a simpler time…before social media, reality TV and even ringtones. Back in the good ol’ days, the only way to show how big of a celebrity you were was to have every kind of merchandise available to your audience- including board games. Take a look at these top 5 and let me know below if you played any or all of them!

Do The Urkel Board Game


I’m the first to admit that many a morning and afternoon involved episodes of Family Matters- it was and will forever be a classic. Personally, Urkel was not a favorite character of mine but I always understood why he was so admired by the majority of viewers.

This is a fairly interactive game where you quite literally will ‘Do The Urkel’ – whether you are hiking up your pants or dancing with your fingers high in the air in your living room… From collecting bow ties to wearing his glasses- one may argue you aren’t a real fan of Urkel until you become Urkel.

Vanilla Ice Rap Game


Uh… I can safely say that leading up to the creation of this article I had no idea this game existed. I can’t be sure if this is a good or a bad thing. On the surface it looks like a fun time- my friends and I are notorious for making up horrible cheesy raps- but it also looks painfully tacky.

From my understanding it is the player’s job to use the words on the board to create rhymes based on the cards drawn. Each successful ‘rap’ like gets the players points- and a moment to shine by singing into the ‘microphone’… Highest amount of rapper cred, I mean- points- will be the winner. So start practicing your rhymes….


*Nsync Backstage Pass Game


Alright, confession time. I have a really hard time believing I somehow never knew this game existed. There’s no point in trying to deny the fact that I was as hardcore a Nsync fan as they come (or maybe not since I didn’t own this game?!). To this day JT remains one of my favorite people on the planet. Being the fan I was… with every magazine they ever graced the cover of, every B-side track, TRL appearances taped on VHS etc. and yes- even Nsync Ornaments, dolls & breath mints… this one slipped by me. Whether I failed, or my loved ones did (they also should have been looking out for me amiright?) – will forever remain a mystery.

In any case, the basis of this game sounds like you simply travel through the ‘stadium’ to get the stage- uncovering facts about each of the guys as you go. Once you uncover the secret password you get backstage and win. As far as game concepts go this sounds awful, and if I’m sitting here dissing what once was my favorite ‘band’ – then you know I mean it.


Bruce Jenner Decathalon Game


I feel a little awkward listing this game because I’m honestly not sure if I should be referring to Bruce as Kaitlin- and I mean that with the utmost respect and sincerity. I think it is kind of sad that this is a question many people have. Even so, Bruce Jenner was an incredible athlete who deserves every shred of credit and admiration for his olympic greatness.

That being said, much like the Vanilla Ice, Nsync and Urkel game- I can’t fathom as to why this was created. If you want to celebrate Jenner’s athleticism, get up and go run a mile or something. Instead, players will pay their homage by rolling the dice to determine how well they do on the various events of a decathlon. In other words, it’s all luck. There’s not much strategy involved, no skill (unless you have crazy die rolling skills I need to hear about)… It’s just… pointless and effortless competition. Not sure this is worth even buying off of Ebay to be honest.

Trump: The Game


I don’t have much to say about this one except it sounds like Trump needed extra comfort in knowing he even got himself on the game board shelfs. His ego is HUGE! It’s basically Monopoly but not. I don’t know. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend picking this one up unless you haven’t had enough of the man lately. I think of all the games on this short list- this one is the most puzzling.

The entire premise is basically “could you be Donald Trump?”. If that’s not enough of a turn off for you I don’t know what would be.


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