7 Ate 9: Won’t leave you hungry for more

5.5 Not So Awesome

This game wasn't "BAD" there's just no desire on my part to ever pick up this particular deck of cards again. I could appreciate the fast pace, but it was almost painfully simple. It felt like I was preparing for a Mathlete competition, rather than sitting down to play a fun and memorable game with my husband. Great for young families and students.

  • Concept: 6
  • Presentation: 4
  • Longevity: 7
  • Gameplay: 5

When my husband and I sat down to play a game from our recent BoardGameExchange.com delivery, we weren’t sure of our selection- 7 Ate 9. Maybe it was the fact that the entire game was just a deck of cards in a plastic case? The first impression left us skeptical and for good reason- it really wasn’t what we’d hoped for.

By now, readers know I get into creative concepts and engaging artwork- two things that were definitely missing from 7 Ate 9. While gameplay was simple, something I always appreciate, it still left us wondering- is that all there is?

7 ate 9 card game


The object of the game is simple: Run out of cards before your opponent. Although they claim the game works with 2-4 people, I can’t recommend playing with just one other person.

You are given a massive deck of cards- all which have a large yellow number, with another number in the corners with a + and – sign. After shuffling the deck of cards, you place one face up on the table- and deal out the remaining cards to each player face down. Once the dealer says “GO”, each player picks up a card from their own pile one by one- forming a hand. The goal is to find the a card that = the + or – amount of the center pile. For example, if a Yellow 8 with a +/- 2 is on the table, players want to put either a 6 or 10 card down on top of it. The first player to get their card on the pile is valid- even if the other opponents shout out their number first.

The game has no turns, it’s just whoever is fastest. The first player to use up their entire deck of cards before their opponents win.


This game is perfect for younger children who need to improve their fast math skills. For 2 adults in their 20’s, this was entertaining in the sense that your brain is put to the test but not our first pick. Young families will enjoy this game on a Sunday night, or during school breaks to keep their kids brain working. There are no other driving factors in my opinion, as far as why anyone would “want” to play this game.

You need to pay close attention to which numbers are to be added or subtracted from the yellow numbers. The pace was great, but it was almost too simple to keep me engaged. Perhaps I’m just too interested in twists, strategy and gimmicks by now to appreciate the almost unbearable simplicity. It felt adolescent and lame.

That being said, there were far worse ways to spend an evening. We got a few laughs because we couldn’t accept the fact that our math was, in some instances, just flat out wrong. Mid-game there was a realization that we weren’t playing the game correctly regarding the cards that had totals higher than 10- but it’s not really worth getting into here.  The takeaway is, there is nothing overly exciting to expect from 7 ate 9. I don’t think I’d ever suggest you pick it up unless your young child or student is struggling with basic math. And now you know!

1-4 Too Much Awful
5-7.5- Not so Awesome
7.6-8.5 Almost awesome
8.6-9.4 – Awesome!
9.5-10- Totally Awesome!



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