Board Game Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


I just got married last week so I haven’t had a ton of time to play games! I did however, stumble upon a couple of really cool sites that made me aware of certain fun facts pertaining to several classic games I felt this audience may enjoy. I can say with complete certainty that some of these little tidbits were a surprise to me!

Did you know?

Chutes & Ladders

-Originally called Snakes and Ladders in the U.S.

-It actually originated in India in the 19th Century, the snakes were to represent karma/destiny and ladders for desire.

-The moral of the game was intended to show that a person could find salvation through good (and that evil would pull you down).

-It is said that the well-known phrase “back to square one” probably originated from this game.



-The longest game took 70 days.

-The most expensive version of Monopoly was valued at $2 million and consisted of a 23-carat gold board with diamonds embedded within the dice. The designer was Sydney Mobell.

-Apparently the people on the boards are actually characters with names (Jake the Jailbird, Officer Edgar Mallory).

-6 billion green houses have been produced, 2 billion red hotels.

-In 1978, Neiman Marcus created a chocolate version of the game, worth $600.



-1049 is the highest score ever recorded (so far) in a single game.

-The number of scrabble tiles produced could reach around the Earth at least 8 times.

-The original name for the game was “Lexico”.

-The highest scoring word in competition was 392 points.


-Despite being patented in 1947 the game wasn’t released for two years because of shortages after the war.

-There are over 25 versions of Clue, from the VCR mystery game to Clue Jr. Case of the Missing Pet- since it’s release.

-The film, Clue- was one of the first VHS tapes to receive a significant discount after a poor performance in the theatres. Because it was more accessible to more families- the film became very popular amongst enthusiasts.

-Two versions of the game were released by two different publishers (Parker Brothers & Waddington’s Games) until 1992, when both companies were purchased by Hasbro.

game of life

-Originally called The Checkered Game of Life- featuring a spinning top rather than a die because it was too similar to gambling.

-This was the first game invented by Milton Bradley in 1860! It would be the only game he actually came up with himself, despite being responsible for launching an entire industry.

-Milton would go on to patent games like Croquet, and come up with concepts like a standardized crayon package.

-The latest version of the game now includes a credit card- how times have changed!


-There is a giant version, Jenga XXL- which starts 6 feet high off the ground!

-Jenga means “build” in Swahili

-Over 50 million sets of Jenga (2.7 billion blocks) have been sold.

-You can buy a version where the blocks are all parallelograms – for those begging for extra punishment, as well as a Truth or Dare version for adults.



-Professional Chess players could have anywhere from 100-300k patterns stored in their memory.

-The game originated in East India around 280-550 A.D.

-Talking is technically not allowed in the game unless putting the opponent into Check or Check Mate.

-Proper game etiquette is to resign the moment the player arrives in a hopeless position rather than finish the game.


Take these fun facts to trivia with you!


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