Castle Dash: Brought to you by Kickstarter… But is it Worth the $?


When Castle Dash arrived in my BGE box, I didn’t know anything about it. A quick search online and I learned about the history of the game and it’s very cool!

I’m sure this isn’t the first board game of it’s kind, but Castle Dash was made possible by game lovers (probably like you) who threw in their own hard earned cash through Kickstarter. Of course, the game we’ve played is likely not the same exact one that was created back then.

I am pretty pleased with this one. Though it’s another card game (that’s all I seem to be getting lately!), the concept was enough to get me to sit down and play. It also helped that this required at least 3 people- I’ve always found that most times the more people in on a game the more fun, challenging and intense it will be. While that’s not always a recipe for a “good time” – I’d say this did the trick.

Game Background (as written in the literature):

Neighboring Kingdoms have recently acquired lots of treasure. Naturally, this means you must lead your troops into battle to take it! How do you know there’s treasure to steal? Some of your soldiers were spying for you and got caught sending back news of the windfall. So it looks like you’ll have to rescue your soldiers too…

Sounds intriguing am I right? What a fun idea! As I’ve mentioned in many of my reviews, I don’t enjoy “realistic” games- Money, Monopoly- to name a couple. I want to escape into a dream land where there are trolls and kings or in this case… castles!


Every player controls their own castle – which faces the others. Whether there are 3-5 players, or 6- there will always be 6 castles. For games with 3-5 people- the 6th is simply a dummy so each castle has an enemy territory. Along with their castle, each player also controls a number of soldiers that are used for battle on either side of the castle– or placed on what are called armory cards to gain abilities.

Once each player has taken their turn to place their soldiers in their designated place (castle or amory cards), players then begin to battle. They roll die to determine the outcome. If you put more soldiers in to battle, you are more likely to win. Cannonballs can be used to fire at opposing soldiers, thus reducing the number of soldiers on your opponents. Specific armory cards can also affect the battle resolution.

When a player wins the battle, they place a single soldier on the wall of the castle the defeated soldiers belong to. Once you have three soldiers on an opponents wall you can break in an ddecide to either take the treasure (which helps lead to victory) or rescue a prisoner (to be used as an additional soldier). The first person to collect 3 treasures wins.


I’m not sure what I took away from Castle Dash. It was definitely easy to learn, pretty basic- and I guess at the end of the day, time well spent. As the game moves along it gets more complicated: You’ll find yourself in multiple battles, which will require you to give a lot of consideration to where you place your soldiers. After all,  too many soldiers on one side of the castle may leave the other side vulnerable to attacks. You realize you need to decide which is a higher priority- treasure or soldiers. Armory cards become hail marys, granting advantages… except for when you lose those soldiers for battle. In the end it’s a “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” type of situation almost every single turn.

It was fun, it was far from boring- and I’d never suggest it was terrible. I wasn’t in love with the design elements- usually good artwork tops off a great game… I’d say this is worth playing if you come across it but not necessarily worth the Amazon Prime order.


1-4 Too Much Awful
5-7.5- Not so Awesome
7.6-8.5 Almost awesome
8.6-9.4 – Awesome!
9.5-10- Totally Awesome!
8.0 Almost Awesome

There was nothing 'wrong' with this game- in fact it was a good time! I wouldn't say it gripped me as others have, but it did pose many intriguing moments. It's definitely fun to play with friends.
For a game that was made possible by enthusiastic gamers like our readers- I have to say that in itself was a good enough reason to play. Say what you will about crowd-funding but when it leads to fun stuff like this who could complain?
I may upgrade the quality of the items and the artwork- but otherwise it was a decent 45 minutes spent escaping the real world.

  • Concept: 9
  • Presentation: 6.5
  • Longevity: 8
  • Gameplay: 8.5

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