Cheaters rejoice – Hasbro has created a ‘Monopoly’ just for you!


Since the beginning of time game companies have been re-releasing their classics with different themes and unique spins on the original concepts… But perhaps the most intriguing one to date was just announced this past week by Hasbro.

That’s right, Monopoly for Cheaters is due to be released this Fall- featuring a new set of rules which encourage players to cheat! Apparently market research revealed a high number of people participate in friendly rule-bending, so Hasbro wanted to take it one step further.

Being added to the Community Chest and Chance Cards, this version of Monopoly will feature ‘Cheat’ cards. They will essentially instruct players to carry out acts of sabotage and secret missions throughout gameplay. Those who do it well will be rewarded with free properties and cash… but watch out! If you’re no smooth criminal you will lose money and probably end up in jail.

Will you be able to get away with stealing from the bank? Skipping spaces? Moving an opponents token? Collecting rent from someone else’s property? Adding a hotel you didn’t buy to your property? These are just a few examples of what is to come in the new edition. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Personally I find this to be an exciting twist and look forward to getting in a session with my friends when it is released. The idea of secretly trying to thwart each other adds a fun layer to a classic game. Considering I don’t usually prefer Monopoly (just look at some of my early writings)… I do like the idea of being sneaky. Basically, frustrated players will get a chance to do the things they’ve always wanted to in hopes of turning the game their way.

The reality is, everyone cheats during a board game at some point or another- why not make it official?



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