Childhood Favorites…I Never Heard Of?


In putting together my next shipment of board games, I decided to poll some of my friends to see if they would mention some games worth searching for on BGE. There is such a massive selection there, sometimes it’s better to be intentionally looking for a game rather than scroll through every title and description.

Little did I know I’d be lead down a path I never expected. One conversation with a friend turned into a series of surprises for me. Upon asking what her favorite board game was as a child- she came back with three games I have never heard of. It got me wondering how many other people out there never heard of them.

Hi Ho Cherrio
hi-ho-cherryoSo in all fairness to me this game is geared toward pre-k children, not  the ages where you are most prone to picking up a board game to play with your friends. That made me feel better- but I still feel a twinge of jealousy as I see how this is played.
It’s a very very basic game. Essentially the board features several trees with little holes where plastic cherries sit. Based on the number earned on the provided spinner, players will take turns picking the cherries off the tree and into their basket. The first player to clear their tree wins.
Yes, extremely simple- but it’s too easy to imagine myself loving this as a child and I’m definitely sad I never got to play.

Grabbin Grasshoppers

Ok. Now THIS is a game that I know I would have loved as a young child (and quite possibly even now as an adult). It’s another crazy basic game intended for little kids- but I LOVE the ingenuity of it. On the count of three, each player does their best to press 4 grasshoppers down on the board. Each grasshopper has suction cups on the bottom that will eventually expire and launch the grasshopper into the air. The players job is to try to catch the airborne grasshoppers in the provided net. The player with the most caught, wins! Plain, simple and & skilled fun! I really wish I’d known about this one.

Pig Mania

Of all three of these games, the one I am in most shock over not knowing about is easily Pig Mania. It’s not that I expect I’d favor this one over all the aforementioned- but I lived on a farm my whole life! My friends and family basically owed me the gift of this game for a birthday or Christmas, am I right?

To finish out our exploration of games I’d never heard of- Pig Mania is our third and final overly simple game-  one that I don’t necessarily understand even after reading about it haha. What I do gather is each player upon their turn, rolls the two pig die and either gains or loses points. The ‘pig die’ are literally that- little mini pigs, rolled and used during gameplay as the dice. Sounds hilarious. T

Of course, I take into consideration the fact that different age siblings results in different toys and ‘hot’ games in any family household… some folks may have all the classics while others may have a more varied collection. Either way, as someone who has been involved with games more than ever over the last year- I guess it was time to be brought back down to Earth.. I still don’t know everything 😉



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