Would you compete in a Monopoly Championship?


It was hilarious to browse the internet this morning only to stumble across an article about folks in Salt Lake City who participated in what is called a “Monopoly Championship”.

Bryan Miller from Utah is a life long lover of Monopoly. If he couldn’t find friends to play against when he was little, he would set up 8 players and literally compete against himself. That is some dedication! Needless to say, he wasn’t someone you planned to win against.

Now, years later- his love for the game has evolved into something bigger. As a huge advocate of board games, considering them to be a ‘mindset of making time to enjoy life’=  he organized an event that has not been seen before. However he promises many more to come.

This was not made official by any representatives of the game itself, but the “Utah Monopoly Championship” featured 25 players competing against each other to win the most properties and earn the most money. In the future, Miller plans to break the world record for the highest number of players competing at the same time. Ideally the record breaking event will take place the same weekend as the Salt Lake Gaming con as a means to help increase the chances of finding at least 733 players to join in. Quite a feat!

Many players were ecstatic to be playing the game exactly as intended, where the actual rules were not only respected, but strongly enforced. The first round was 90 minutes, with players spread out across several tables. The four players who accumulated the most worth would advance to the final round, which was un-timed.

Amazingly- Miller even thought to incorporate a Go-Pro camera to sit above the table so on-lookers could follow play by play. It sounds like a well planned event!!!

It was noted by most of the players that the best part was being around fellow board game enthusiasts. It’s hard to find people of the same mind when it comes to these niche hobbies- so plenty of friendships were born that day. This goes along with the general appeal of playing games- they serve as excellent ice breakers and help forge relationships that may otherwise have never come to fruition.

The prizes weren’t jaw dropping, high sums of money or anything overly impressive but every player walked away with a memorable experience I’m sure they’ll want to have again.  Winners won a copy of the board game, the card game Monopoly Go, and the runner-up was given movie passes. The champion was treated to a prize pack from Megaplex Theatres.

Miller admits that better prizes will need to be part of the mix if he ever hopes to lure over 700 players to the competition. It sounds like there is a lot of local support and the potential is huge.

What do you think? Would you ever consider joining, or even throwing such an event? Would it be for Monopoly or another game you love?

Always interesting to see how the love of board games manifests among individuals in a community! <3



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