Digital Board Games: Are you missing out? No. You’re not.


For board game traditionalists, the idea of playing on a phone or computer can be deflating. In a way, it could be seen as a contradiction right? The whole point of playing a “board” game is to have physical pieces in your hands, surrounded by people you enjoy spending time with. To convert Survive! or Ticket to Ride into a digital game easily compromises the immediate appeal of a table top game, right?

It depends on the individual.

For me, I believe there are enough games out there that are fit for digital space without needing to convert classic board games. Not to say there’s anything wrong with doing it- but why? We should let board games be board games.

These days everything is online. Everything is on a screen. Everything is digital. You probably spend more time looking at and interacting with screens each day than anything else. You know I’m on to something. So why would I encourage you to now get your weekly dose of gaming in the same fashion? The entire point of playing a board game is to get your brain to do something different. It’s to break your mind out of the mold it’s locked into every day thanks to a monotonous work / parent routine.

We still don’t know what the long term affects of being screen-locked will have on our minds.┬áThe last 20 years have brought with it an undeniable dependence on technology which could have damaging impact on our eyes, brain, and body posture etc. It’s concerning to me that so many publishers are trying to stay “relevant” by supporting their board games as a digital treat.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, or close minded. That very well could be the case. Regardless, I am a champion for the traditional way of playing a board game with people. Where your friends are not simply avatars and screen names, but actual people in chairs sitting around your dinner table. That’s the way it should be. Unless you’re waiting in a doctor’s office, or sitting in a room for hours on end thanks to something like Jury duty- keep the board games on your table and leave the desktop for another day.



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