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Today is Earth Day, and while I personally feel every day should be Earth Day in our lifestyles and overall practices that’s neither here nor there. I figured the parents out there would like to be aware of the different board and card games available that highlight the earth, nature and/or animals. Nothing is more important than making sure the young generations are actively engaged in ways to protect the planet. Even if some of these games don’t prove to instill the needed life lessons to ensure a more thoughtful lifestyle, some quality family time is always a good thing!

After the family comes inside from a long day of picking up trash and gardening, spend the evening playing one or some of these games!



Instead of trying to buy up real estate and load every inch with hotels, Earthopoly focuses on open space and trades that help ensure clean air. The board and overall gameplay mirrors the original Monopoly we all know and love – but the values are clearly different and geared toward eco-friendly life. The entire game is sustainably made from recyclable material – another great talking point for your kids. Great for ages 3+.



This is a card game that simulates the many different ins and outs of how nature works. The rules are ever-changing based on the circumstances being faced. The overall goal is to survive- however that is possible. The description on their site “In the wild, you must adapt to survive! Will you win by having your Bears Eat Fish? Or will someone change the Goal so that their Frogs and Insects can make Night Music? Play ecology themed Actions and Rules like Scavenger or Composting, but watch out for Creeper cards like Forest Fire, that can hurt everyone! Discover a little about how things go together, with EcoFluxx – the nature game of ever-changing rules!” It’s good for ages 8+, check it out!



Here’s a fun strategy game for 2-4 players best for ages 10 and up. Players are put up against each other, competing to build the most beautiful green space. Walkways, decor, everything that makes an arboretum the spectacle they usually are. Players have to chose the kinds of trees they want to use, maintain their walkways and pay careful attention in order to earn points and beat each other. If you think you have any future landscapers in your family, this is the game for them!

Fields of Arle

Fields of Arle

You get just 9 alternating Winters and Summers to learn how to transform your property into a full fledging working farm. Climate will affect your strategy over the years so be prepared. This is a card game fit for those who want to better understand the ins and outs of turning a piece of land into a farm- from dehydrating moats to breeding animals. This is best for players 10+ as the concepts may be a bit too far long for younger kids.


Who knew that games about the Earth could be so much fun? These are only a handful of the variety, a little research will find you many more to choose from!


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