Eco-friendly Board Games – Yes, They’re Out There!


As someone who grew up on a farm dedicated to protecting rare breeds & the environment, I’m surprised I hadn’t looked up eco-friendly games earlier. I am thrilled to see so many emerging games out there with children in mind that are encourage them to pay attention to our planet. Parents, if you’re looking for ways to inspire your child to live a green life- consider picking up some of these games as presents this Holiday season!


Eco-friendly Board GamesYup, you guessed it. Garden-opoly is a fantastic take on the ol’ classic Monopoly. Player’s buy different plants, build greenhouses and feature clay pots instead of hotels. Gnomes, ladybugs, wheelbarrows and other gardening themed items replace the traditional player pieces (thimble, dog, racecar) – only further adding to the charm. Many reviews of the game are extremely positive- only noting on occasion that young players are grossed out by the ideas of bugs and worms. It does play a bit different than traditional Monopoly for legal/patent reasons but it can be easily adapted to the classic rules.
There are a couple different variations on the game out there too, Ocean-opoly, Farm-opoly, Bug-opoly and many more. Check them out!

Wild Seed Game

Eco-friendly Board Games
This game teaches young children about life cycles and helps them understand the condition the environments needs to be in to grow plants. The beautifully illustrated game board and playing cards help encourage discussion of nature and theoretical interaction with it. Within this game are 4 different games at varying levels of play. While learning about what makes (or stops) wild seeds grow, children will enjoy the fast pace and strategic elements included. It’s a race to get your wild seeds through the seasons before everyone else! Complete with follow-up activities, your child will learn something while having a blast.

The Yoga Garden Game

Eco-friendly Board Games

Now this is a game I would love to own, since I am definitely a fan of yoga! It’s a very simple concept that is sure to bring joy and relaxation to kids and adults alike. You simply roll the die and move your bumblebee through a circular garden. When you land on a yoga space you either do a classic yoga pose or you invent your own. While it’s geared for children ages 4 and up, there’s something people of every age can get from this one! Another fantastic way to introduce our youth to healthy practices.

A Beautiful Place

Eco-friendly Board Games
A should-be classic ecology game for kids. This shows children that the world is a beautiful place but has been damaged by people in many ways. The object of the game is to restore the Earth back to it’s original beauty before the dark clouds of pollution take over. In reality, it is a bit dark when you consider the subject matter (as an adult) but it’s an important message to share with your children. Many environmental concepts are introduced and the emphasis on teamwork will shine bright through gameplay. The sooner we start encouraging environmental awareness the better our odds are of influencing the up and coming generations!



There are many missions to pick from when it comes to Xeko but they all aspire to do one thing: to teach adults and kids about endangered species and ecology. These trading card games put an emphasis on complex ecosystems, with a mission to save endangered ecological communities. This is not a simple game to pick up- in fact learning the gameplay is supposedly just as complicated as the issues at hand- but it’s a rewarding puzzle to work through. Reviews suggest this is too complex for children under 10 years old. My favorite part is the fact that this game is made from recycled materials, comes in a wooden crate- and all cards are printed on recycled paper. We need more games like this out there!


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