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This isn’t going to be a long drawn out advertisement for other folks who take a similar interest in board games- consider it more of a PSA!

As someone who has only gotten back into board games over the last year- I was quite taken aback by the incredible communities I’ve come across. For one thing, BoardGameExchange made this gaming journey possible – both physically and financially. If I had to buy every single game I’ve reviewed and plan to review- I’d a) be out of storage b) out of money and c) very frustrated with the fact that I would never play most of these games ever again.

That being said, if you’re a passionate gamer looking to expand your gameplay and/or collection- there are many resources out there where you can not only learn about different games- but interact with others who have played them. is one of the most impressive sites I have come across. They have profiles for almost every single game imaginable- with user reviews, manual instructions (incase yours are lost or somehow not included upon acquisition) – an up to date blog with news and a lot more. I find myself here a lot when I’m figuring out which games to add to my BGE queue.

Another site I frequent is Dice Tower News… in my case mostly to see what’s new in the gaming world. They seem to cover every facet of board games- from new Kickstarter campaigns to expansion releases. I’m amazed by how much I have learned about the board game world since finding DTN – who knew there was a Toy Hall of Fame? Maybe you did but I’m still learning about these things!

That’s not to say DTN is your only source for board game news- there are many places (which is part of my shock) to find such updates. Some take more creative liberties in their postings, however-  like The area I find myself exploring the most is their user reviews section. It looks as though after a certain amount of reviews you can become a ‘pro’ after building your critic score up. If writing is your thing, and games are a passion- this is something to consider!

One of my all-time  favorite community for gaming, however- is on Reddit. I know, I know- that sounds ridiculous and it probably is- especially because there isn’t nearly as much activity on there as you can find elsewhere. There’s just something about the fact that reddit users go on there to talk board games. It means something to me haha. I don’t even interact all that much- but just observing the feed- seeing what games matter to folks – it’s just a lot of fun to see whats making the reddit ‘headlines’.

While it is fun to check out these other board game related websites, I hope you will always jump back this way to follow my journey. I’m certainly not the most seasoned gamer at this point but have been enjoying the ride. Maybe I’ll have inspired you to do something similar. It really is wonderful getting away from the screens at least once a week to use your brain and imagination 🙂



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