Need a game to play for Valentine’s Day?


Whether you’re deeply in love with someone, or flying solo- Valentine’s Day is a great reason to play a love-themed board game. There aren’t as many out there as you may think though, at least not with “Valentine’s Day” on the box.

Looking closer, there are a couple games out there that would fit the bill. One in particular? Love Letter.

I’ve mentioned the Christmas version of the game near the end of last year, you may remember. Now it’s time to take a look at the original!



After Princess Annette’s mother is arrested, she cannot get herself to leave the castle. In fact, she has essentially locked herself away for the foreseeable future. This presents a problems to her many suitors- how can they woo a woman who has made it virtually impossible?

Luckily, you, as a suitor, have come up with a brilliant way to contact her- but you require help. Your goal is to get your love letters to the princess by giving them to people closest to her willing to hand them over. You’ll have competition though! Each day counts- who will win her heart?


Love Letter is a lot of fun and is very straightforward. It’s another card game, if you want to be honest. The game comes with 16 cards, which you place in a deck face down. Each player draws one card and keeps it secret from their opponents.

Each round represents one day. For every turn you draw a card and add it to your hand. Every person must choose a card to discard, placing it face up in front and applying whatever effect there is to it- good or bad. Players can get knocked out of the round depending on who discard what cards. Discarded cards remain out faceup in front of the player, in the order they were used- so fellow opponents can try to figure out who is left in the deck/in everyones hands.

Whoever is left standing by the end of the round, which is when all the cards in the deck have been used up (or when everyone has been knocked out)- will reveal the card they have left. Whoever has the highest ranking card, wins that round. Their letter will have made it to the princess, and a red token will be given to show the growing love.

All cards are shuffled and the deck is reset at the end of every round. The winner from the previous round will go first. In order to win, the number of tokens needed to acquire depends on how many players. 2 = 7 tokens, 3 = 5 tokens, or 4= 4 tokens.

There are many fine details that will make or break each round during the game so be sure to understand the consequences, effects and potential benefits of discarding certain people/cards.

Overall this is a light, fluffy fun game. Play it with a loved one and enjoy the love story as it unfolds. Once you’ve done that go ahead and write them a love letter of your own, you’ll probably be in the right mood!





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