Holiday Board Games to Play Over Winter Break!


When I was a kid, I could not wait to get out of school for 2 whole weeks for the Holidays. It was arguably the best time of the year, every year. The one problem I had was finding enough stuff to do to keep me busy in all that downtime. If only I had known that there were so many fun Holiday board games to keep the spirit of the season alive, perhaps I’d have avoided some serious boredom. I’m sure my family would have loved extra reasons to hang out with me too. In hopes of getting you some quality seasonal fun with your kids, here are just a couple Holiday Board Games you should definitely play over winter break!

12 Days

Holiday Board Games

Up for some tricks? This holiday themed card game is based off the famous song, 12 days of Christmas. With 12 rounds to try to win, players try to “re-gift” their unwanted cards while keeping the ones that could help them win “best gift of the day”.  There are 80 cards, each representing a line from the song (one partridge in a pear tree, 2 turtle dove cards, etc). It is a fast paced, some luck – some strategy game that will have everyone in a race to win Christmas!

The Christmas Game

Holiday Board Games

The most popular reviews of this game are honestly – not very good. Many call it a broken mess. The object is to purchase gifts for your friends and family by traveling around the board and landing on spaces that allow you to buy things. The first player to buy gifts in each value range will win. This made the list because while it does appear to have a messy gameplay- it is also so bad and so cheesy that you’re more likely to fall off your seat in laughter. Isn’t that a goal when you sit down to play a game with your family and friends? Not everything has to be perfect and serious- right? Some say this is a Monopoly-wannabe, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Letters to Santa


Have you ever heard of the popular game Love Letters? Well apparently Letters to Santa is the same game but with Santa being the one you want to impress, not a princess. Players get one card each to start every round, and upon each turn the player will take a card from the deck and then choose to play one of the two in their hand.  Each card has an ability to eliminate other players from the round. If there is more than one player left at the end, the person with the highest ranking card will win. The first to win three rounds takes the game.  Although this is essentially the same game as Love Letters, the holiday themed cards with Santa, Mrs. Claus, toys, snowmen and more- keep the seasonal spirits up very high!

Silent but Deadly Night

Holiday Board Games

Ever see a really tacky, almost unbearable to watch Christmas “B-movie”? I think we all have. Here’s your chance to make your very own cheesy Christmas film! Make yours by playing cards with characters, props and locations. They’ll send creatures in to kill off characters in opposing players projects. I haven’t personally played this game but reviews tell me it is the source for some intense laughter! Apparently there are a lot of card games out there in this style- so why not try it out with the Holiday theme? Bound to be a stand-out pick!


Holiday Board Games
Not sure if this really counts as a board game but it’s definitely fit for the Holidays! I haven’t played Dreidel since I was a young child but I assume most are familiar with gameplay. Player spin a 4 sided top – each side tells the player what to do- whether it’s nothing, take all the chips from the pot, take half, or put some in the pot. It’s a very simple game- and though it is largely based on luck, it’s a perfect way to bring some Jewish heritage into the Holidays! Anybody can learn to play, even if they’ve never heard of it before. Consider this ancient game – it’s perfect for a Hanukah party!




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