Logo: Find out how manipulated you are by big brands!


If you follow my writing here on TMA- you know by now that I am very much so a party-game fanatic. I love word based, time-sensitive, quick thinking trivia games. I was both delighted to discover Logo and yet at the same time very disappointed I hadn’t known about it sooner.

There’s no point denying the fact that the marketing tactics used by big corporations infiltrate the deepest parts of your mind whether you realize it or not. It’s downright creepy when you find yourself thinking about how ‘brainwashed’ we are when it comes to buying one brand over another.

If you’re looking for a fun way to find out how manipulated you’ve been, definitely play Logo or any variation of the game. It is not only a really fun party game but it’s a quick test to see what your brain has needlessly absorbed over the course of your lifetime.


Official Game Description:

It’s not what you know that counts, it’s what you do! Get your teammates to guess brands based on four different types of clues:
Draw It!: Draw clues about the brand, without writing words, letters, or numbers.
Describe It!: Say what you want, but don’t say the brand. Hurry, the clock’s ticking!
Do It!: Act out the brand. No talking allowed!
Reveal It: Both teams watch as a logo is slowly revealed. Be the first to shout out the brand!

The game plays much like a round of Charades, Pictionary and Cranium combined and that’s probably why it’s described by many as being so fun. Players will land on different color spaces, each color is represented on each question card. There are three different kinds of question cards- drawing, potluck or common theme.

The question master for each round asks their opponent (to their left) the question and if answered correctly the player advances along on the board. Questions are based by the color of the space landed. The first player to make it to the winning zone (and therefore, move across the entire board) before anyone else, will win.


Players may be asked to draw the logo based on vague product descriptions. They may be slowly shown the logo and in a rush to guess it before anyone else. In what is probably the most difficult possibility, they may be asked to act it out. How one acts out a brand, I am curious about and may hopefully soon witness. I plan to get this game haha so I can publish a formal review.

Overall this is a great trivia game based on culture, consumerism and definitely nostalgia. Many rave about the game, citing the only con being a common one in this genre: when you feel dumb, you feel dumb. You can’t know everything, and inevitably it will come to bite you. However, your knowledge may surprise you! Maybe those laundry commercials that were shoved down your throat as a child will have stuck more than you think!

I think Logo will prove to be worth the time and money spent- especially for trivia fans. I will get my hands on the game and get back to you with first hand experience.


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