Mario Brothers Board Games, No Screens Required!


Have you or someone you know been glued to the iPhone ever since Mario Run came out in December? I know I have. Something happens every time I find myself obsessed with the latest app craze, it’s almost like I can feel my brain shrinking. The game itself is so much fun but the side effects are very intense. It got me wondering, can I only get my Mario fill from a gaming system or app?

It probably shouldn’t be surprising but I found it somewhat counterintuitive to discover an entire line of various board games featuring Mario Brothers themes.


Super Mario Memory Challenge


This game is pretty straightforward. It plays very much so like a mini game you would find in the Nintendo Mario Party games! Perhaps that is the appeal among all of the hardcore Mario fans out there!

As you may expect, you are given a deck of cards- with 2 of each design (Mario, Mushrooms, stars- you know, all the classic characters and objects you would expect to see in a typical game). Once you’ve put all the cards face down, you turn one over at a time trying to remember where it’s matching card is. It really is that simple. This game is best for young kids but Mario fans of all ages will enjoy it!


Super Mario Checkers & Tic Tac Toe


The truth about this game (same can be said about the memory game) is that the only thing that differentiates it from the game of checkers everyone knows, is the artwork which features Super Mario brothers characters. For young fans of all things Nintendo, that’s enough to get them away from the TV, computer or phone!  Not only are these Mario editions collectibles but they are excellent ways to support your child’s love for Nintendo without allowing too much screen time.

Adults may appreciate the older edition, which features the Super Nintendo imagery of the characters.

Super Mario Connect 4


By now you should see a theme emerging here! Basically some smart marketing wiz with Nintendo teamed up with top gaming publishers of popular board games for kids and capitalized on it. Someone knew that parents wouldn’t want to encourage their children to be playing video games all day. I don’t know about you but if Mario Connect 4 existed when I was younger (maybe it did, who knows) – I would have definitely jumped on that.  It’s amazing what a popular brand can do to other industries like board games!

This is the same exact game as the one you used to play as a kid, except the coins have Mario and Luigi faces on it. That’s literally all it will take folks!

Nintendo Monopoly


This is quite a departure from the last couple board games described above in several ways. First of all this version of Monopoly features popular characters from all of Nintendo’s games, not just Super Mario. You get Wario, Link, Yoshi, Kirby and even Donkey Kong! While Mario, Luigi, Peach and other Super Mario friends still make their appearance, they are part of an ‘ensemble’.

Every Nintendo fan will want to experience this edition of Monopoly! This particular game is highly recommended in the event of a storm that knocks your electricity out- as it will keep you busy for quite a long time. Much longer than the memory game or connect 4!


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