Money: The root of all…Boredom.


I should have known better just from the fact that I was about to play a card game called Money: The Game of International Currency Collection- but man- this particular game did nothing for me.

The summary & description of the game is as follows (taken directly from the rule book that comes with the game):

Players are entering the volatile currency market. Their initial hand represents a small holding that builds through successive trades into a currency portfolio of higher value. In each round, players bid to exchange a portion of their holdings for new holdings offered on the market or by other players.

Players use the bids and trades to increase the value of their hands based on the scoring system.

Money cardsCards to the right and the left of the draw pile are new bank notes and coins offered on the market. After considering the offering, each player will choose a number of cards from his hand that will constitute his bid for the ensuing exchange. Such bids can contain as many or as few cards as desired.

A bid consists of a combination of bank notes of different currencies and coins as well as bluff cards (which have no value but enable players to disguise their bid from other players). A bid may include any or all of the cards in a player’s hand.

Bids are simultaneously revealed when all players indicate they are ready.

Players who included buff cards in their bid return them to their hand at this time. All other bid cards remain face up on the table. If a player chose to bid only his bluff card, he has thus selected not to participate in this round and will not be able to explain cards”.

Ok. So- did you get that? Unless you are obsessed with currency, trading or business- I can’t imagine why anyone would want to spend their time playing with fake money like this. I kept wondering the entire time as I played- what is the point of this?! Am I supposed to be enjoying myself?

Quite frankly I knew I was doomed when I read the rule book. It was like trying toMoney get through a particularly dreadful section of a text book. I see something about a Euro… okay… highest bidder… yup…  bluff card? If we must.  You get the picture.

If you read my review on Monopoly- you know that I did not enjoy it whatsoever. I do not subscribe to the whole ‘simulating real-life struggles in my free time is fun’ mentality. So when you put a game in front of me that asks me to collect as much money as I can- I want to scream. That’s what I’m trying to do, any and every day lol. Thanks for the reminder? So glad I did this?

I’m sure to some this would be a very entertaining way to spend your time- you could call it a form of betting/poker without the real ‘risk’. As a rule I’m not much into card games so it all makes sense. I just play what I’m sent- ya got me?

In any case, that’s my take. Reiner Knizia’s Money- as well as his idea of fun- is beyond me. You can always decide for yourself.


1-4 Too Much Awful
5-7.5- Not so Awesome
7.6-8.5 Almost awesome
8.6-9.4 – Awesome!
9.5-10- Totally Awesome!
3.3 Too Much Awful

Not for me. This bombed. I can see how it could be fun for the right group but if you'd rather disappear into some fantasy world where your realities aren't slamming you in the face- steer clear.

  • Concept: 3
  • Presentation: 2
  • Longevity: 5
  • Gameplay: 3

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