Offensive Board Games – 1st Edition


There are a lot of wholesome family oriented games in the market, and those are largely the ones we discuss here on TMA. However, I feel it would be a huge disservice to our party-loving, adult theme accepting readers not to point out some of the ‘best’ rude/dirty/offensive games. While they are not my cup of tea, I can acknowledge the entertainment factor these games can bring. In our first edition of ‘Offensive Games’ we’ll take a look at a couple popular choices that seem to make an appearance at many gatherings I’ve attended over the last few years.

You have been warned, we will uncover some troubling games over this mini blog series. My goal is to reveal the existence of these games, not to necessarily endorse or praise the people who made them.

Cards Against Humanity

I feel of all the rude games, this is the most well known. I’m sure it wasn’t the first to make waves in the party game world, but as someone who was barely immersed in this community just a couple years ago, I knew this was out there since day 1.

Some will call this the adult version of Apples to Apples, and I can get behind that. If you’re not familiar, “the person who poops last” starts the game. They’ll turn over a subject card (which will feature the beginning of a sentence) and let the other players decide from their own individual hands- how to finish it.   There are different extensions out there that can ensure a much filthier session- but even the generic game will offer plenty of opportunities to get inappropriate. There’s a reason it’s suggested for players age 17 and older… and there’s a reason why it tags itself as a ‘game for horrible people’…Choose your fellow players wisely 😉

Capital Punishment

Here’s one that definitely belongs on this list… Capital Punishment is a game literally devoted to one of the most controversial topics out there- the death penalty.

The objective of the game is to get all of your criminals into jail for life, on to death row, or in the electric chair. Yikes. It almost feels wrong to even discuss the fact that this game exists, so dark! To make it even more cringe-worthy, players can use their two “Liberals” to make sure their opponents criminals are freed from the ‘path of justice’ in hopes that they themselves become victims of crime (and thus can’t end up in the system).

Wow. Clearly this game was created to prove a political point. If you can stomach it, you can buy it here. Just kidding. I’m not going to endorse the sale of this one- but it’s out there somewhere!



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