Offensive Board Games – 2nd Edition


Another month, another edition of Offensive Board Games! This is an interesting mini series where I reveal a couple games that are a bit, off color in nature. As a rule these will all be adult only, so if you’re younger than 17, I suggest you hit the back button and read elsewhere! Hey, I’m a new parent so I’m trying to follow in the footsteps of those who came before me. In reality, it’s a free country so do whatever you want.

In any case, here’s Novembers picks for offensive board games- let me remind you that by posting these I am not necessarily endorsing their creation or existence. I think some of them are funny, others are baffling– some downright scary. What do you think?

Loaded Questions Adult

I think of all the games I could have picked, this is rather tame. If anything, it just puts players in uncomfortable positions – forcing them to answer questions that may be awkward in front of loved ones and significant others. That said, plenty of people like to keep certain information to themselves and may very well be offended by the concept of this game!

Dirty Minds

Personally I feel like I play this game in real life all the time haha. I can imagine with the right group of people this would be absolutely hilarious. This game is basically a series of riddles dressed as innuendos- players will hear several suggestive statements and try to guess what the item is at the end. An example:

-I’m sweet and melt in your mouth
-Leave me out too long and I’ll go soft
-You might find some lipstick on my stick after you’re done

It’s a Popsicle, but that’s not where your mind was going was it? Again, this isn’t so “offensive” so much as uncomfortable and, well- dirty. It’s not for everyone!


Here we have a game that would definitely require a “trigger warning” for those who rent and have had some terrible experiences with landlords. To summarize, the entire point of the game is to get your apartment buildings in the best shape possible – even if that means bombing them! Players will try to get rid of the ‘deadbeats’ and offload them onto their opponents, while trying to encourage rich tenants. It’s a harsh game playing on a bitter reality that is greed and fraud…. This game doesn’t scream any one offensive message but if you read between the lines it becomes quite clear why it would bother some.



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