Renting Board Games: The Frugal Way to Play


Do you ever buy a car before test driving it? How about a movie before seeing it? Probably not. From large scale to small- most people want to know they like something before putting down the money to buy it. For those on a tight budget, throwing $15-30 toward any kind of risk just isn’t feasible. It’s understandable, but inevitably costs you some fun doesn’t it?

I’ve covered the benefits of board games before, so I won’t go into a long saga as to why any one person should make an effort to escape all the screens and use some brain power. That being said, for those in search of ways to enjoy some game time for less money, I have an option for you. It’s called Board Game Exchange.

I know I’ve mentioned them before, but now that we’re in 2017, I wanted to dedicate a post to their services because it’s been a lifesaver. Over the last year, I had a lot going on that all cost a lot of money I don’t really have. New home, wedding, car issues, you know- same old same old adult stuff. When I got this writing spot, I was elated- but quickly remembered I had a limited collection of games and had no idea where I’d be able to source my opinions from.

Thankfully, Google led me to BGE and everything fell in to place. For $29.99 a month, I get 4 games for 2 months. When I’m done with them, I ship them back (with their label and box) and await my next shipment. There are 900 games to choose from- all which can be searched on their site and added to your queue.

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Granted, my use of their services started with this gig- but it can be applied to all kinds of people. If you’re raising young children, maybe this is the cure to their endless boredom. Renting games will ensure variety without needing to spend full retail prices on each one. When there’s a new game to play every couple weeks, family time will become something everyone can’t wait for.

For businesses, there’s no better way to bond with your employees than a bi-weekly after work board game session! Better yet, let your cafe or bar be known for offering complimentary games. These days people crave experiences that aren’t dependent on technology, they just don’t know it. Good old fashioned fun is always trending, just maybe not on Twitter.

My main point here, is you don’t have to buy a board game before you know if you like it or not. You work hard for your money, just as I know I do. I wasn’t in the position to spend full price on one game every week, it was never going to happen. The same can be said for you. It’s an expensive hobby, not to mention the closet space each box takes up! Enjoy 4 games every 2 months, for the cost of purchasing one game a month (~$30).

But hey, it’s just a suggestion. Collectors are free to disagree.


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