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When the Board Game Exchange box arrived in the mail after what felt like an eternity- my husband and I were desperate to play a game… but didn’t have a lot of time to fit one in. Fortunately, our shipment included a short little card game called Stop & Go.

Admittedly, it’s for young children learning colors…. Something we didn’t exactly realize until halfway into play time. But even so- that actually says a lot about the game itself! We were so focused on the high pace, competitive nature of it that we didn’t even begin to consider it was an excellent learning tool for color association.

To go a little off topic I was actually a little thrilled to discover this little card game because we have our first born on the way and I see these learning games in a whole new light. It’s like we’re getting a small sampling of fun ways to educate our child well in advance 😉

Anyways- the game itself is extremely simple. Once you’ve shuffled the deck of cards, the youngest player deals out 15 cards face down to each player. Depending on the number of players- you’ll likely end up with 4 other piles where the cards lay face up so you can see the color. The remaining pile sits on the side, to be used for future rounds.

When the dealer says Go! Players will turn one of their cards over at a time and will place it down on one of the four “face up” piles assuming the colors on it match. The first player to be out of cards wins the round and all the others must count the amount of cards they have left and consider it their “score”.

In other words, if you are left with 9 out of 15 cards when your opponent clears his hand- your score is 9. The first player to hit 30 loses. Alternately- the player with the lowest score, wins.

It’s a very fast paced, easy, competitive, surprisingly addictive game. My husband and I were in hysterics at different points because we couldn’t believe such a simple game turned us into such animals. There are a couple different cards that can really twist things around too- the zap card forces the other players to receive 2 extra cards to their deck… the pass card forces each player to pass their cards over left or right (therefore ending up with someone else cards)… and the button card gives the person who played it the opportunity to play 3 cards without anybody else.

Rounds can get complicated if nobody can place a card because the colors on the tops of the piles don’t match– but usually its solved by placing one of your cards on top of your piles. We still aren’t sure if that’s the actual rule or if we made it up but it sure got things moving again 😉

Overall I’d recommend this if you’re a game junkie like me and just wanted a burst of some kind of competition. If you’re looking for clever storyline and longevity it’s not for you. If you have a cute toddler/child learning the a b c’s of life- this is a lot of fun for them to learn how to match colors. Give it a shot!


1-4 Too Much Awful
5-7.5- Not so Awesome
7.6-8.5 Almost awesome
8.6-9.4 – Awesome!
9.5-10- Totally Awesome!

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