My Top 5 Board Games from 2016


As we approach the new year I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the many games I’ve played and read about this year and highlight my favorites.  I’ll be honest, I think there were more games that let me down than not. That being said, it makes the enjoyable ones stand out even more. What better time to reflect than the end of the year? 2017 will be full of new board game adventures I can’t wait to share with you!

Ticket To Ride

Ticket to ride

I was so impressed with Ticket to Ride- I’ll likely opt to try out a few of the other versions available next year. Honestly going into it I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the game for me because on the surface it looked like a silly idea. But the actual gameplay had me strategizing like woah. A true competitive edge rushes over you each time your opponent begins to construct a ‘railway’ to one of your target locations. You get emotionally attached to your strategy and the second your path is thwarted, an immediate sense of revenge takes over. This game gives you everything you want – competition, strategy, luck & most of all- tons of fun!


I am so glad my friends introduced me to Taboo this year. One of my favorite game sessions of all of 2016 is by far this one. As I’ve said many times I tend to gravitate toward party games, word games, knowledge/trivia based games- and this fits all of those categories. Even if you’re playing an outdated version with irrelevant references you can still have the time of your life. With the right group of friends or family, you’re guaranteed to have new memories to reflect on after a round or two of this one.

Castle Dash
Castle Dash

This game was another pleasant surprise. It’s really cool that people like you and I contributed to the creation and distribution of this game too. Crowdfunding is a wonderful thing isn’t it? While this probably wouldn’t be my ‘go to’ game- it’s definitely one I would recommend to those looking for something a bit different. Get ready for battle and have yourself ready to strategize as you begin this one!


Delightful fun for the English major in all of us.

I know I know- Scrabble. Not an interesting pick by far- but it is still and always will be a favorite. There’s nothing wrong with favoring the ol’ classics is there? No better way to sharpen your vocabulary and getting your brain cranking than playing against a good friend or family member. I love the unpredictable nature – how your moves always have to work off of your opponents- how even the best words you can think of don’t reap the number of points you hope to collect. Your success is dependent on your creativity and that really appeals to me. Not only is it an extremely accessible game for all ages, it’s incredibly interactive and entertaining whether you’re playing the board game or the app!



I feel like I’m cheating by talking about so many classic games on my top list of 2016 but I added Pictionary to this list because I had SO much fun. I think I just love the interactive style. The need to be able to visually communicate the objects heightens the laughs- especially with those who are not the best artists. There’s also something about a really good team oriented game that only adds to the fun. It’s one thing to be playing for your own victory but when it’s a common goal amongst 2 or more people- there’s an edge you can’t get from anything else. If it’s been years since you’ve picked up the game, make 2017 the time to re-kindle your love for this artistic classic.



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