4 Great Board Games For Adults!


When most people think of board games, they don’t often consider anything but the usual classics geared toward children- Guess Who, Monopoly, Battleship- you know, the easy classics. Little do they know, there is a large selection of choices out there (and growing) intended for adults only! Surprised? Chances are, you’ve already heard of some of them. While many of these listed below are more along the lines of ‘word’ games, I still think it’s important to spread the word so more people can enjoy the special kind of fun that can only come from playing a game with friends (and some drinks!).

Cards Against Humanity


I certainly would not suggest playing this particular game with people you are usually uncomfortable around… Then again perhaps this would break the ice!! It’s a very simple game that can turn extremely scandalous and suggestive depending on which expansion pack you have in your possession.

The game itself is incredibly simple- each player gets 10 white cards. The last person to have gone #2 gets to begin as the Card Czar and pulls a Black Card out of the deck. The Card Czar will either read the fill in the blank phrase or the question on the card.  The other players each choose one of their white cards with the word they wish to respond to the question/phrase and passes it face down to the Czar. The Czar then shuffles the cards and reads each one in context of the question/phrase before choosing the one they found the funniest. The player who submitted the best card will win 1 Awesome point. The role of the Czar will rotate, and each round players will always make sure to have 10 cards. Check out the full instructions/house rules if you want to know more!

While there are versions safe for kids- this is a very popular choice for older teens and adults at parties. Give it a shot!


Exploding Kittens (NSFW version)


I suggest already having had a couple drinks in hand to get the most out of this one. There isn’t a whole lot to it- which is why it’s best with a decent crowd who can enjoy the simple things in life.

It’s as easy as this- you’ll have a deck of cards face down- each player will take turns picking up a card… and each player is hoping they will not pick up an exploding kitten. Those that do, well- will “explode” and lose the game. While each player is armed with a set of cards that could defuse the bomb etc.-for the most part you will be holding on for dear life with each lift of a card. More rules and details here.

5 Second Rule (Just Spit It Out!)


I haven’t played this one myself but I can say with confidence that it’s a good time. The theme of these games, as you may have noticed- is simplicity and absurdity- and 5 Second Rule is no exception.

There is a deck of cards that all have a “Name 3…” statement on it with a variety of endings, ie: name 3 dog breeds. The player who is in the ‘hot seat’ will be read a phrase and will try to answer it as accurately and as quickly as is possible within 5 seconds. Players who succeed in doing so get one point. The game goes on until the decided upon number of rounds elapses, and the winner is chosen by the number of points earned throughout gameplay. Read more about the game to see if this is one you want to try with your friends!

Drinkapalooza: The “Monopoly” of Drinking Games

Wow- who knew? An actual “drinking” board game! They exist! This one will require some assembly and gathering of items like red cups, quarters and whatnot. This game is essentially every drinking game combined into one. The object of the game is to fill your mini empty six pack holder with mini bottles. You’ll move throughout the board and compete in mini drinking games based on where you land. The first player to fill their six pack wins. This is best for those who don’t want to be limited by the set up for just one game like beer pong! Check out the rules and enjoy!
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