UNO For Facebook Messenger?!


Over the years we have seen many different classic board games find new homes on the internet. Whether you opt to play with friends or complete strangers, online board games have been only increasing in popularity. Of course, there will forever be the debate of “is it still a board game if it’s played on the internet?” … “What makes a board game, a ‘board’ game?” …but that’s for another day.

The latest game to join the world of apps and websites is apparently Uno! Reports say that NetEase and Mattel have joined forces in hopes of bringing a whole new line of digital gaming and educational experiences in the coming years. Uno is the first to formally launch.

This version of Uno will have all the features you remember but will also come with brand new ones designed for Facebook, too. You’ll be able to play the original rules in “Quick Play”, find a partner for ‘Two v Two”, start your own room with up to 8 players, or even make up your own custom rule sets! Did we mention there will be an in-game friend system where you can add people you’ve played with? Plus you can customize your background and use emojis 🙂 What else could you possibly want?

In just 72 hours, Uno for Facebook Messenger has already attracted over a million users! Aren’t you curious?

If you’re not into the Facebook scene (good for you!) don’t worry- you will still have a chance to play a digitized Uno. Just wait for Spring 2018 for the free to download mobile app. If you can’t wait that long, just head to your nearest mobile app store – you will find many other classic games like Scrabble, Catan and Ticket to Ride available. We’ll re-visit the mobile board game world soon and will tell you which ones are worth the download.


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