The Worst Board Games: According to the Internet


I don’t know what came over me the other day but I found myself online looking up other peoples negative reviews of various board games. I suppose much like when trying to find the next book I want to read or movie to watch, the bad comments are just as important as the good. After all, you don’t want to waste your time with someone most agree isn’t worthy right?

After browsing through a few different websites it became clear to me that several games were mentioned consistently. I decided to take note of them and pass it on to you so you could proceed with caution should any of these games find their way onto your game night table.


This gives me a bit of a chuckle because the first entry I ever wrote for this site was about my hatred for Monopoly. I know it’s a beloved classic for many- a staple- but not for everyone. While my issue with the game is that it is too close to my reality in terms of never having enough money to outsmart my opponents and real-world challenges, the internet introduced me to many others.
Longevity is a real problem for many players. It simply goes on too long, especially if you’re losing. Another popular complaint is the amount of rules, like needing to go around the board one full time before being able to purchase property- why?! Alongside design flaws, lack of being able to control anything and useless fines- folks online reallllly don’t want to play this game.

Trivial Pursuit

I was surprised to see this pop up as frequently as it did, as I personally find this game to be a lot of fun. The main complaint I’ve come across points to the fact that only some questions have the potential to earn you the much needed slice of cheese. People don’t like doing things when they don’t serve a purpose apparently. I suppose if you’re not into trivia, I can see why that may get frustrating over the course of the game. For me, there are plenty of other games that would have made it on to this list before Trivial Pursuit but I am only a messenger!

Candy Land

Among serious board gamers, Candy Land holds on to a steady position among the most disliked. This seems due to the fact that it is more of a cultural staple than anything. It’s almost as if its popularity negates the fun or redeeming qualities of the game. Others suggest it’s too animated, corny and simple. Commentary includes digs at the fact that Candy Land is only played because of its sentimental and nostalgic connections not because it contributes anything special to the world of games.

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood

Loyal gamers frequently express different levels of rage when they remember Angry Birds became a board game. There is an almost unanimous sense that it never belonged anywhere but within an app on the smartphone. My theory is these folks are in tune with the fact that it was just another way to make money rather than contribute a hearty new game to the scene. I get it. However this particular board game draws the most interest from the younger crowds, kids almost too young to know that they could go whine about it somewhere on the internet. I imagine someday those same kids may feel the same way about Angry Birds as some of us do about Candyland. To each their own!


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