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Hitman Go

Hitman Go, a puzzle game with style

While I know of the Hitman game franchise, I’ve never played any of them. Nor have I seen the movie. All I know, well, all I assume is that the story is about a bald-headed hitman that goes around and kills people. I’m sure there are some deep plotlines and other creative characters but all […]

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Monument Valley, making Escher proud

I’m a sucker well-produced iOS games. If it looks polished and fits into a genre I like then I’ll just about play any game. Monument Valley had some decent press behind thanks to its gorgeous presentation and architecture puzzles so I gave it a try.

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Async Corp

Async and Threes, time to kill time

Spring is almost here (unless you’re in Cleveland) and for me that means less time inside and more time outside, which also mean less consoles and more mobile gaming. Thankfully, I found a few wonderful time killers that scratch the “waiting in line” itch. Async Corp. Async Corp is an somewhat-abstract puzzle game that asks […]

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Local multiplayer

Returning to the couch, for better or worse

There appears to be a movement to return gaming to where it started, the couch. Many successful games over the last year or so have done away with online multiplayer in favor of local multiplayer only. For society I think this is great, for me, it sucks.

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Deep Dungeons of Doom, pattern recognition

First caught Deep Dungeons of Doom on the Ouya and found it very worthwhile as a quick pickup-and-play game. The premise is simple, as is the gameplay, and that is key to it feeling fun but then I discovered Deep Dungeons is on iOS too, and that changed everything.

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Deep Dungeons of Doom

Ouya of my dreams

While the rest of the world is buying Xbox Ones and PS4s waiting for Titanfall, I decided to get myself a new console too – the Ouya.

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Ernesto RPG

Ernesto RPG, where’s the app?

As is thoroughly noted here at TMA, I like games that look cheap and play well. For me, that’s usually a recipe for fun and finding Ernesto RPG is no exception. I don’t recall where I found the link to Kongregate where Ernesto RPG is hosted, probably Polygon or Twitter, but the game has hooked […]

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Nidhogg brings back sword play

It seems the games that look visually horrible always get my attention. More often than not, that’s a sign that the game is worried more about “the game” than the spectacle, whether that be through graphics, sounds or innovative controls. Nidhogg is definitely one of those games that doesn’t look appealing but it loaded with […]

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WWE Rumblers CM Punk

Bargin Bin: WWE Rumblers Apptivity

Toys that work with iPad apps are most certainly a gimmick. How appropriate then that the WWE has a game that can use action figures you buy at the store. A gimmick for an industry built on gimmicks. The common belief with the app toys is that they don’t add anything to the overall experience. […]

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Colossatron, total arcade destruction

With Christmas comes gift cards and this year was no exception. So with gift card in hand, I browsed the App Store to see what looked interesting and found a game that hit a true sweet spot – Colossatron.

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