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Who can resist plush toys with soft fur and that sweet little face?

Apparently not many people.  Stuffed animals and plush toys manage to continue to rank among even the hi-tech toys as the most popular gifts for children of all ages.  Whether it’s a tiny tiger or a large lion the fact is that most kids love having a soft toy to hug and cuddle.

Beginning in the late 1800s and continuing to grab us even after more than 100 years, stuffed animals have become a common household must-have.  Some of the attachment is that of our own memories associated with these cuddly critters, but the kids today will tell you it is because they are so cool.

One of the newest innovations to hit the stuffed animal genre are web-based interactive toys.  These include child-friendly based sites with learning games as well as limited chat functions to meet with friends online.  The introduction of new animals each season creates an opportunity to grow the collection of friends (both in the toy box and online) and keeps the parents and grandparents on the lookout for that perfect pet.

Why are plush toys so popular as gifts?  Because they are not gender specific, Stuffed animals are perfect as shower gitfts when the gender isn’t found out before birth.  Also, boyfriends are known to win points for a thoughtful plush gift for any occasion, and grandparents often have a hard time passing up the cute little doggie in the window.  The stuffed animal or plush doll can range widely in size and shape, it may even be a puppet or a make-your-own kit (a sock monkey, for example), but the end results are always smiles and contentment.