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Vintage Batman Robot

One area that has been particularly influenced by this has been toys.
Nowadays it seems as though everything is vintage or retro.  It is true, styles of previous times have been coming back with a vengeance.  Everything from clothing to contemporary décor has been influenced by this throwback. The vintage wave can be characterized in two different ways: modern twists on vintage looks and the surge in collector’s items. Not only are modern toy manufacturers these days making new versions of the toys from yesteryear, but the market for vintage toys has also skyrocketed.

Try an Ebay search for a huge selection of vintage toys. (Hint: try “classic toys”)

Everything from classic tin toys to classic star wars toys to vintage tonka trucks and toys are in high demand these days so here’s a breakdown of some major categories and popular toys.

Classic Toys Made Modern

schylling dc3 airplane Classic & Vintage Toys   Whats Popular Today?You can find manufacturers today making all sorts of old standards. Classic toys like rubber chickens, x-ray goggles, and whoopee cushions are still made and sold in a variety of gag and party stores.  Other manufacturers have dedicated themselves to making replicas of toys that were once very popular.

One example of this is tin toys.  These include wind-up robots, planes, and automobiles.  Inspired by classic Americana, Schylling, for example makes many of these colorful toys for the younger generation.

Another popular classic is the erector set.  First made in 1911, this feat of kid engineering still helps growing minds today. Toy companies have even taken to replicating old-fashioned pedal cars.  These retro baby toys look in like the real Model T’s, roadsters, and Jalopies, but they’re made today in compliance with modern safety standards.

Wood Toys Always Valuable

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Classic wood toys are also regaining popularity.  Toys like Lincoln logs and wooden trains are still as exciting to today’s kids as they once were decades ago.  Companies like Melissa and Doug are still making ever-popular Pound-a-peg, pickup sticks, and even tabletop baseball with vintage baseball design.

Perhaps the oldest toy still in production today, the abacus, still delights babies and toddlers alike.  These sturdy wooden toys have maintained their appeal since the 1920’s. Because of their enduring appeal to kids of all generations they’ve managed to survive developing technologies and fads.

Collecting Vintage Toys

Collecting vintage toys is also gaining in popularity.  The new user- friendly Internet bidding sites has made it increasingly easy for collectors to exchange and sell their vintage toys thus crafting the collection of their dreams.  Each decade has its own sub-genre.

Some popular categories include Betsy Wetsy, a classic doll made in 1934 and popularized in the 40’s and 50’s,  circus-themed toys, which are cut outs and representations that come together to form an entire circus scenery complete with characters and animals, and classic Barbie dolls, ranked by their date, outfit, and condition, of course. Even vintage board games like Shenanigans, made in 1966, have their spot on collectors’ radar.

Star Wars Toys – The Ultimate Collectibles

vintage star wars action figures 235x300 Classic & Vintage Toys   Whats Popular Today?Perhaps the most collectible of the retro toys are vintage Star Wars toys.  Everything from playing cards, to action figures, to costumes and bits of vintage advertising, the Star Wars vintage community has a wide reach.

With an intricate inner hierarchy that determines the value of a particular item, the Internet is a great resource for finding that one particular toy or perhaps making a little cash off of attic finds. Other popular vintage action figures include: comic book action figures such as Batman or Superman, cartoon action figures, and even G.I. Joes.

Be it classic star wars toys, vintage 1970s toys, or even modern yet retro toys, it is clear that this fad has made a name for itself in the toy community.  Not only does this provide a cheerful reminder of a fading childhood, but the persistence of these items speaks to way in which they have been able to relate to kids just being kids.

Try an Ebay search for a huge selection of vintage toys. (Hint: try “classic or vintage toys”)