Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour: A Comic Book Club Review


Not too long ago, Monday actually, I wrote up a little thing about the newest Scott Pilgrim book and my inability to find a copy when I wanted it: Now. Guess what? I found a copy and read it, so I can give a real review for the conclusion to Scott’s precious little saga. Is it worth reading? Here’s what I think.

I came to love these guys. I'm really gonna miss them.

The first thing to keep in mind with Book 6 (or Volume 6, I don’t really know what best to call it) is that it’ll mean pretty much nothing if you haven’t been reading the series. There are five books to read first (obviously, but you’re all smart people), so jumping in at the conclusion is going to leave you confused and, above all, completely unable to enjoy the ending, whatever it may be.

The whole positive to the series is that while it is six books long, the books aren’t very expensive. I got my copy of Book 6 for $12, and that was only because I was impatient and needed it right this very second. Amazon has copies of each book for much cheaper, meaning you can probably get all six books for under $60, a reasonable price.

I’ve already talked about the series before, so you know what I think there, but what about now? Thankfully, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour is packed with the same sort of random, almost unexplainable panels that will make you smile and possibly laugh out loud. Seriously, I don’t know what the term is to describe them. Meta? Maybe? I’m going with that. It’s as if Scott’s narrating his life upon rewatching it and throwing in the best descriptions possible.

And each page, as usual, is excellent in its own little way.

I will say this about the ending though: I’m still a little confused. A lot of strange tying of loose ends takes place, and it can be somewhat jarring to read through. Things happen that seem to just happen because they happen, and a few times I regretted not already owning the previous five volumes so I could look back and understand what the heck was going on. Regardless, the ending is satisfying enough and everything is wrapped up nicely. There’s not a very large chance we’ll be seeing a seventh volume any time soon.

Overall, if you’ve been reading Scott Pilgrim’s Epic Little Story, yeah, you need the final book right now. If you haven’t read the series yet, now is the best time due to having it completed and with a promise of a very cool-looking movie out next month (which Kyle and I will definitely review). And that’s pretty much all there is to say on the matter. Bryan O’Malley created a hell of a series here, and I only hope he continues making stuff like this.

Anyone else read the final chapter? What did you think? Let me know and leave a comment. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to pull swords from my chest.


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  1. So after finishing all six volumes last week. I can honestly say, THIS is the Epic Romantic Action Comedy American Geek Novel of the Millenial Generation (AKA our generation.)
    The only thing that depresses me to say that is the novel I’m working on now has all the same basic undertones as SP does, but I seriously doubt I could ever live up to the shere amount of wit and charm that this story had. I guess I’m just going to have to work even harder now.

    And as for the final chapter, I was able to follow it pretty well. Even I’ll admit that a lot happed real fast and it was hard to keep up, but after going through an extra time, I got what was going on pretty well. Then again, I read vol. 3-6 all one day after the other, so the series was pretty fresh in my mind.
    Some of my favorite moments: Stacy on the phone saying “False alarm, mom. Scott’s still alive.” and then you hear HIS MOM over the phone say “I told you. Scott got an extra life in volume 3.”
    Kim’s scenes were very touching. Kim was always the character I had to question if I liked her or not, because she was always such a downer. But when she started acutally showing some vulnerability in the last two volumes I warmed up to her.
    The inverted Triforce as Gideon’s logo. That was pretty sweet.
    The fall of the Sex Bob-ombs made me sad. I should have known from the start it wasn’t going to last, but there was a point mid way trough the series around vol. 3 or 4 where it turnes out they might actually be half decent, but then Stephen had to get too wrapped up in the recording and they lost all their momentum.

    Scott Pilgrim himself is such an itreaguing character. While he may be a little to much of a dick and an ideot for me to necessarily say I can relate to him, he’s still endearing enough for me to want to be on his side, and the fact that the story has very like secondary characters like Wallace, Kim, and his sister Stacy that really made him grow on me.

    I like to think of Scott as almost the opposite of Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Think about it. Hobby-wise they are very similar characters, yet when it comes to their social game, they couldn’t be any more different. If Scott’s social life had a face you’d punch it for being so smug and saticefactory. Travis’s social life is…practacly non existent.

    God I can’t wait for the movie. See Michael Cera battle Captain America, Superman, and even Katara (the one from the animated series that is.)

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