kazootoys learning toys Discovery Toys & Science ToysAs parents, there are a few basic things that we all have in common.  We want the very best for our kids in all circumstances, and a key part of our parental responsibilities is preparing our children to succeed educationally.

There are few more vital roles for a parent than that of educator, but luckily in recent years, we have seen an inundation of new and quality educational products for children.  These science and discovery toys can play important and vital functions in inspiring and maintaining a high degree of educational interest for kids.

Discovery Toys

There are literally dozens of major companies that are making these kinds of innovative and progressive educational toys, but perhaps the company at the forefront of this movement is the Discovery Channel for Kids brand.  Discovery Channel toys are available for kids of all ages from infants to teenagers.

Whereas many science toys may claim to have more educational value than they actually do, these Discovery science toys have a reputation for true educational value that has been demonstrated time and time again.  

Discovery Toys for Babies

chatter 300x266 Discovery Toys & Science ToysIn the category of Discovery toys for babies and infants, there are many toys which use bright colors and interesting shapes and textures to create a tactile sensation that has been proven to have educational value for these little ones.  These toys capitalize on new research that has shown that early childhood education is one of, if not the single most, important times in the educational development of children.

Intellectual stimulation for children between the ages of zero and three years of age has been shown to have direct and meaningful correlations to educational achievement for the rest of a child’s life.

This educational stimulation can come in many forms, from simply talking with and reading to your children to various kinds of toys.  These toys can be like the toys described above which are designed to stimulate the mind using touch and feel or they can come in the form of flash cards that teach elementary skills such as colors and shapes.

Discovery toys also offers a compelling selection of fun and stimulating DVDs that can offer important advances in early childhood education when it may be impossible for you and your child to be working together one on one.

Science Toys for Older Kids

john adams freaks of nature rock n roll crystals 234x300 Discovery Toys & Science ToysEducational and especially science toys are also important for older kids as well.  These kids’ science toys come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  One very popular item that has been around for years is the chemistry set.  These sets specialize in simple and safe chemical reactions that can be simply amazing.

Using the kid-friendly guidebooks that come with each set, along with the basic compounds provided, kids can produce an impressive variety of reactions, and they can start to gain an important appreciation for scientific concepts.

Charting the Stars

Another great idea for science toys for kids is a basic astronomy set.  These sets are a really cool way for kids to learn about not only the world that they inhabit but also the universe that surrounds them.  These telescopes can be very affordable, and more importantly, they can be a great way to learn about comets, our solar system, and the stars beyond.

While sets such as these may seem to be just simple and classic fun, the truth is that as kids play, they will be learning throughout.  And in addition to the basic act of learning, when kids play with toys and science, they are also gaining a profound interest in education that has the potential to stay with them for the rest of their lives.