Build Your Own Anakin’s Fighter by LEGO


lego-star-wars-anakine28099s-fighterLike most other young adults, I grew up playing with LEGOS. Nowadays, toys like the new LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Fighter are still keeping kids interested and allowing the LEGO company to stay current.

Inspired from the Clone Wars TV series, the LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Fighter includes 153 building pieces and instructions for assembly. Not only do kids love building the toy and feeling a sense of accomplishment, but they have a blast playing with the toy as well because of some really cool features that transform the regular building blocks into awesome vessels of imagination.

Building Anakin’s Fighter

The Fighter includes an ejection seat for R2-D2 that spirals the little guy through the air and provides tons of amusement. There’s no doubt that your kids will spend hours just using this feature alone. Also included in the toy are flick firing missiles and retractable landing gear. These features in particular make the toy a winner because they allow it to be interactive and there for more realistic.

With all likelihood, your child will really get into the action of Star Wars by firing the fake missiles at random objects all throughout their rooms and performing tons of “emergency crash landings” with the retractable landing gear.

Because of some small parts, this toy isn’t suitable for children under the age of three.   And even if your child isn’t that familiar with Attack of the Clones or Star Wars in general, this toy is still a build-it-yourself space ship, which never go out of style. Trust me.


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