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Haven’t I talked about LEGO bricks before? Yes actually, I certainly have. But I’m never quite done, no matter what my better judgment may think. The reasoning is because LEGO (yes, it is proper to capitalize every letter every time) is a brand you can expect to continually churn out the biggest and most creative sets of colored bricks this side of the 80’s. Some might even say the casual, “There’s nothing like a great lego set…” I myself would never say such a thing though, as you may have guessed for two reasons. The first is that it’s proper to say “LEGO,” as I had mentioned no more than three sentences ago. Secondly, you all already know there’s nothing like a great LEGO set. That’s why LEGO bricks are so great. But which set is the best?

Sufice it to say, as cool as this set is, there's no chance my parents were ever able to afford it.

My childhood with LEGO is a happy one, as is the case with most of my childhood stories unless my parents couldn’t afford some childhood toy I demanded. Oh wait, that happened with LEGO all the time. Snaps! The thing is, with LEGO, much of the price goes to the brand name, but the tradeoff is that you have access to LEGO sets that incorporate Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, and many more snazzy licenses that no other building block companies can sell. Very cool.

I’d love to be able to write something like, “Ah, the sweet memories of my lego star wars collection…”, but I cannot. The truth is, I’ve only ever had two LEGO Star Wars sets in my life (also, I’d capitalize Star Wars and LEGO as you saw me clearly do). Did I have the awesome Millennial Falcon? Nope. How about an equally awesome AT-AT? Nope, again. What about a still-pretty-awesome X-Wing? Nope and check mate. In total, I had a miniature AT-AT and a random carrier for the Droid Army seen in Episode I, so everyone except Kyle has probably forgotten what it looks like.

Even though I missed out on the Star Wars sets, surely I had to have had a number of other rockin’ licensed sets? Sadly, the only license from my childhood was the aforementioned Star Wars license, and the prices for the Star Wars sets were so outrageous that even as a kid I knew that simply asking for something as glamorous as a LEGO Death Star was akin to straight-up telling my dad that he didn’t make enough money.

Where did sets like this go? I miss them.

What I did have, however, were a handful of truly special sets from all over the place, as any good LEGO collection should be (LEGO is synonymous with “eclectic,” or at least it’d only make sense). One amazing Christmas I’d wake up to find a truck stop set that included several big rigs, a set that any kid worth his salt should have leapt for joy upon witnessing, which is what I did. Except, you couldn’t just have big rigs rigging all day long, which was why I also had an RV, in case any of my trucker LEGO people wanted to take a vacation. They didn’t have to worry about the truck stop burning down while they were gone either as I had a small fire jeep with a fire chief patrolling the area. Top this off with the coolest LEGO plane (remember, toys with wings are instantly cool) and I was one happy camper/trucker.

But wait, there’s more! Eventually my parents began getting me space sets with strange space helmets and vehicles that seemed to serve very little purpose but were extremely cool. There was even an evil black LEGO robot from space that’d cause trouble. But I never had to worry because I had a time traveling pirate ship with wings. It even came with a monkey because, hey, we’re time traveling so why not bring a monkey?

See! Evil space robot! With evil LEGO space pirate!

I really wish we’d see LEGO video games with some of these older, original LEGO sets rather than the movie licensed LEGO games that’re all the rage these days, but alas, I come from a different generation with cooler LEGO sets and a wilder imagination. My favorite set, beyond the space robots and flying time ship and truck stop, was simply my big blue tub of LEGO bricks meant for construction with no rhyme or reason. So many wondrous creations emerged from that blue tub. Perhaps it’s time to go find it and build something new.

But enough about my LEGO childhood and me. What about you? What is you favorite LEGO set? Or did you even have the chance to grow up with LEGO bricks? Leave a comment and let me know. Otherwise how will I build a great website without the many building blocks that are your comments?

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