Air Hogs: The Most Popular Remote Controlled Toy for 2009

I don't know what's happening here, but it sure looks cool.

I don't know what's happening here, but it sure looks cool.

The top selling remote controlled toys this year hands-down goes to Air Hogs, followed by the Dragonfly. Let’s look closer.

Air Hogs: Turing Kids into Helicopter Pilots

You have probably seen or heard of Air Hogs before, either from just glancing at them as you walk by the toy aisle, or from a commercial demonstrating their awesomeness. Helicopters aren’t generally easy things to fly since they tend to break a whole lot of rules of nature. But that never stopped pilots from learning how to fly whirly birds (shop-talk for helicopters). Eventually someone decided helicopters needed to fit in your hand and be flown by children, so here we are in the year 2009 or something and Air Hogs are selling like flu shots before school starts.

Visible lasers not included, but man, wouldn't that be sweet?

Visible lasers not included, but man, wouldn't that be sweet?

Air Hogs have all sorts of nifty models to choose from. The number one seller is the Switchblade, a definite laugh in the face of all common sense. Okay, try and wrap your head around this because I had to look up a video on how this thing works. The Switchblade has two rotors on either side that face up. You morph it to its takeoff position by twisting the thing in half so that the rotors are no longer facing the same way.

Then you start it up and the thing spins its way into the air like a UFO until you hit the button to make it morph into flight mode where it snaps itself back into its typical shape. Witchcraft? Very likely, but also very cool.

Then there are the Battling Havoc Helis. You’ll get two in a pack since the whole point is to have them fly around and shoot lasers at each other. Yes, you read that correctly: They shoot lasers. No you can’t see the lasers, but they exist all right. You’ll know you’ve hit the other helicopter since a successful hit causes the chopper to stop flying and crash. You know, just like in real life.

Of course if you prefer not to fight there are always just standard Air Hog helicopters that fly around and…sustain flight. That’s pretty much what they do as helicopters aren’t build for tricks. I mean, tricks other than the whole flying without wings thing.

Of course it has three propellers. I mean, it's pink. You gotta accessorize.

Of course it has three propellers. And it's pink. You gotta accessorize.

Dragonfly Copters – A Distant Second

Truth be told, more people are buying rotors for Air Hogs than Dragonflies. That make sense to you? Anyway, the Dragonfly model is actually ranked higher than the Air Hogs in terms of likeability, though that comes at a price of more money. The Syma is the same deal. They’re helicopters, what more do you want me to say?!  Frickin’ awesome.


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