My Review of the VTech Preschool Learning Laptop


vtech-preschool-learning-laptopMy kid’s first response when she saw the VTech Preschool Learning Tote ‘N Go Laptop was, “Whoa, I want one of those!”  It’s a portable laptop for kids that looks like a grown-ups version complete with a handle for carrying, a keyboard, mouse, and teaching activities on screen.  The computer takes 3 AA batteries and the recommended age range is 3-7 years, which could potentially keep the kids off the real laptop for a number of years.

With thirty games and activities to teach language, math, and music, the VTech Laptop is sure to keep the kids occupied for long car rides and rainy days while creating an opportunity to exercise that brain.  At around $25 it’s not too expensive if more than one must be purchased to stop non-sharing squabbles.

The mouse pad is removable and can be set up for either right-handed or left-handed use.  There are two color styles available – one is orange with other primary colors and one is mostly pink.

Find the VTech Preschool Laptop here.

The keyboard is designed to have the alphabet in letter order rather than the standard QWERTY keyboard used on most computers.  This feature has gotten mixed reviews, but serves to keep the ABC learning consistent rather than confusing kids during a learning game.

Yes, the kids will need to train themselves later for QWERTY, but at this age they are typing with one finger at a time anyway.


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  1. i agree with both your comments, Harun and Ken, but have you both considered the immplications of having computers govern every aspect of our realities. I believe that the more we leave machines to take over our lives future generations might have some problems

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