10 Pokemon You’d Rather Not Evolve


The whole point of a Pokemon game is to catch, train, battle, and evolve Pokemon, right? Naturally. Most of the time you learn your Pokemon is evolving and think, “Right on! This will be SWEET!” But every so often you have to sit down and make the tough choice: “Do I REALLY want to evolve this one?” I looked through all 493 entries of the Pokedex and came to these startling inclusions in the list of 10 Pokemon You’d Rather Not Evolve. And keep in mind, if you like the pics, click the links to see more from the artists. Okay, housekeeping out of the way, so let’s read on!

10. Rattata:

I'm gonna be calling a lot of things cute today, so bear with me.

Pretty much every trainer starting out in Red or Blue version got their first five Pokeballs and went out to catch the basic “learning” Pokemon of the game such as Pidgey, Spearow, and Caterpie. Inevitably, you will catch a Rattata and probably think, “Aw, how cute this little guy is!” Then he’ll start to get stronger and faster and suddenly you learn to love him. Eventually the fated moment comes when he reaches level 20 and begins to evolve…only to turn into a big ol’ rat monster! What happened to my cute-yet-badass rat-friend? Suddenly he looks like he has a serious case of rabies and I don’t want anything to do with him, Hyper-Fang or not.

How could my sweet rat turn into this?

9. Jigglypuff:

I can't quite figure out why Jigglypuff had such a following, but she did kick a lot of butt in Melee.

One of the early big names from Pokemon was Jigglypuff for some strange reason. Super Smash Bros made the odd decision to include her as one of the 12 playable characters. When I caught a Jigglypuff in blue version, I spent some time dinking around with her, seeing what she could and couldn’t do. It was when I learned she could evolve via a Moonstone that my troubles really began. “What does Jigglypuff turn into?” I wondered. Well, she evolves into Wigglytuff, probably the most pitiful next evolution a designer could think of. “Uh, make her slightly bigger and give her longer ears.” “What, like a bunny?” “Sure, why the hell not?” “What do we name her?” “I don’t know, ‘Wigglytuff’ or some crap like that, I’ve got Charizards to design.” I was so disappointed that I left her in some random box in my computer and never spoke to her again.

"Evolution? Eh, who cares. No one'll evolve Jigglypuff anyway. Just make up some gibberish and move on."

8. Shellos:

Somehow they made a slug look cute. Well good on them for that.

Shellos is one of those weird Pokemon that you just can’t figure out. I didn’t really have high hopes for the next generation of Pokemon, but a slug thing? Yeah alright, that’s cool. At least Shellos was special in that there were two different-looking versions you could get: A blue version and a pink version, one from the East and one from the West. Sure, that was kind of cool, like Nidorans and whatnot. Then it evolved from a cute slug thing to a larger slug thing with horns. Ah. And the two evolved forms look pretty much identical except one is pink and one is blue. Oh. Okay then. I’ll just not catch any more slug Pokemon for a while, thanks.

Think you're cute? When you're older, all you have to look forward to is a Viking helmet.

7. Buizel:

This little guy could have easily been a main character of any other show.

Hey, we remember my thoughts on Buizel from a while ago, right? Of course we do. In fact, they got at least one commenter to instantly hate me because I didn’t like what Buizel becomes. Buizel is an ultra cute otter Pokemon with a few cool moves and a lot of potential. Floatzel looks like a 40-year-old transvestite. Should I even continue on? I’m not arguing usefulness of evolutions here; I’m just talking aesthetic appeal. Buizel made me want to snuggle it during naptime. Floatzel made me want to take multiple showers. Literally, it was like I brought home a cute girl, dated her for a while, and then on my wedding night realized she was a 40-year-old dude. I’ll never make that mistake again.

Who comes up with these designs? Seriously?

6. Bidoof:

Why do I keep making lists with Bidoofs in them?

Why is Bidoof making yet another appearance on a Pokemon list? That’s a good question. While Bibarel is not a terrible evolution in of itself, one must think of a deeper question: “How does one evolve into a Bibarel?” First, one must have a Bidoof. Secondly, one must train a Bidoof. Third, one must train a Bidoff enough that it evolves. This implies that I’d have to keep Bidoof in my party for longer than a few minutes. Well, my list clearly states “Pokemon I’d Rather Not Evolve,” so I’d say Bidoof fits in quite nicely there. Case closed. No one likes Bidoof.

Much better than Bidoof, but I'm not going through the work.

5. Aipom:

Heh, silly monkey. 🙂

Gold and Silver versions were some seriously sweet games, weren’t they? One of the new Pokemon was a monkey-like critter named Aipom, found by headbutting bushes. Okay, sure, I can dig that logic. Aipoms had smiley faces and tails with what looked like a hand on the end (oh, “A Palm,” I see what you did there). I wasn’t big on Aipom as a Pokemon to keep and train, mostly because it didn’t evolve in Gold and Silver. I had my party, I didn’t need any more. Well, along comes Diamond and Pearl with a new evolution, just because. Ambipom, a super creepy monkey with two tail-hands and a smile that’d get most dudes sent to prison instantly. I don’t even know if Ambipom is a useful Pokemon or not. I’m just not letting that thing near my Buizel, if you get my drift.

"Ambipom used Molest!"

4. Yanma:

A non-offensive Bug-type. Okay, I can live with that.

Yet another case of the 4th Pokemon generation screwing things up, Yanma was a simple enough Bug-type that filled the much-needed dragonfly slot in the Pokedex. If you’ve got bugs, you just need a dragonfly in there somewhere. It’s required. I’m not a fan of bugs, but Yanma was inoffensive and looked, as I’ve said for a lot of Pokemon on this list, kind of cute. Fast-forward two generations and take a look at Yanmega. AAAAAH! Why did they do that to Yanma?! It’s like if Bulbasaur evolved into Murdersaur and had blood dripping from its teeth and red eyes that hated anything alive. Good Lord, just get it away! Forget Bug-type Pokemon! This is all your fault Yanmega!

If that landed on my head, I'd probably need a new pair of pants.

3. Glameow:

I can't help myself, I like cats.

If Buizel evolves into a 40-year-old transvestite, Glameow evolves into Rosie O’ Donnell. I’m a huge fan of cats, so much so that I seriously tried to make a Persian work for my party in Yellow version (fairly well I might add). A new cat tends to appear once a generation with Meowth starting things off, then Skitty, and even a few legendary big cats in Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. So along comes the 4th generation and throws in Glameow, a perfectly nice cat Pokemon. Cool, what could it possibly evolve into? Purugly, the biggest punchline ever to a Pokemon evolution. I mean, jeez, hell of a joke to throw in there, what with this pretty little kitty turning into a hambeast at level 38. Gah, I just want to figure out who’s in charge of this evolution business and give them a swift kick to the Cheribis.

"Enjoy your youth kid, because this is your future."

2. Lickitung:

I suppose in the right setting, even Lickitung looks cool.

Did anyone really like Lickitung from the first Pokemon games? Be honest now, I need to know this for the sake of science and argument. Okay, I’m going to assume that no one stepped forward to back up Lickitung as worthy of existing in the first place. It was a weird “Hey alright, here’s a Pokemon with a long tongue” thing that was more a novelty for the most part. That’s totally fine. Then along comes some 4th generation designer and thinks, “You know which Pokemon really needs an evolution?” “Skarmory?” “No, heck no, I’m all about Lickitung.” “Oh, but not Skarmory?” “No I said! I want you to take Lickitung and make it even stupider looking, like it thinks it found some dignity somewhere by getting a really dumb haircut. Make that.” “But, uh, seriously, Skarmory can turn into Skarmorade and it’ll be no-“ “Lickilicky I said!” Aaaaaand scene.

C'mon, that's just looks stupid.

1. Pikachu:

How could anyone really want to change this little furry guy?

The original mascot of the series, Pikachu is that one Pokemon that everyone knows and wants to catch. Game Freaks seems to even attempt to recreate Pikachu every new generation with some weird alternate Pikachu, such as Pichu, Plusle and Minum, and Pachirisu, more commonly referred to as “Pikasquirrel.” So with this staple of the series being capable of evolution from the very beginning, you’d assume it could only get better, right? Well, the first time you use a Thunderstone to evolve your Pikachu, you get a Raichu, a fat, fake tan-looking version of your beloved friend that looks more natural with a few popped-collars and a Pabst than out battling other bros for sport. I know there are some fans out there that swear by Raichu, but the majority of us can’t bear the thought of losing Pikachu for the sake of competition. Heck, even Yellow version sought to rectify this by making the Pikachu in that game super powerful via the Light Ball it was carrying. You just can’t evolve Pikachu and be happy about it, so he tops my list and end of story.

"Sup brah? Wanna learn Keg Stand with me?"

So there we go, my list if over. Now I open things up for commenters to give their say on the matter. Did I miss any obvious inclusions? Or did I include something that I totally disagree with? Let me know with a comment or two. Just don’t be surprised if I fail to evolve into someone who cares.

And remember, all the images today came from Deviant Art, a community y’all should support because it’s pretty danged cool. If you like any of the pictures you saw, click the link located in the Pokemon’s name and check out more awesome pics by these artist. Okay, I’m out!

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  1. Does anyone remember Sableye? Leaf green/fire red. Really good ghost/dark pokemon that was pretty cute. Then what the heck!! It becomes a freakish monster

  2. You said Legendary Cats Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, tech they’re Legendary Beasts, and only one of them even looks like a legendary cat and that’s Raikou, the rest look like dogs. 😉

    (OPINIONS OF COURSE, people call them cats/dogs/beasts/we, just wondered your take on em)

  3. Raichu is number one? Thats retarded! Raichu is tons cooler than Pikachu! I agree with all the others 100%, but I have no idea where that last one came from! So unexpected and not even fitting with this page!

  4. pokemon master on

    i loved all the pictures i thought the bidoof was over exagerating a weeee bit lol why didnt you show the first evolveation of jiggly puff?!?!?! that thing is cute 😛 i loved the pictures of jigglypuff and glameow the most great job

  5. Yanmega rules all! Lickylicky never needed to be created, I agree. Its a waste of pixel, time, and energy with all parties involved. I’m surprised Tangrowth isn’t listed, since both yanmega and lickylicky are; and they all evolve due to having a specific move at a certain level…which is the laziest way to stick in an evolution, in my opinion. No stones, no trades, no times of day, they just stick on having a random power at a random level will now cause this pokemon to evolve. Real creative there. I also agree with Bibarel being on the list…but bibarel can be a monster in the right hands because of its awesome abilities. I love glameow and purguly–i made a team of all cats recently :3 Purguly is the most decent of the non-legendary cats I would say, unless you count espeon as a cat. Never liked buizel or floatzel–pain in my ass mostly. raticate, wigglytuff I agree with too. Everything else I think there evolutions were done well. I do know people that hate pikachu and can’t wait to evolve one to raichu if they happen to get one. I just never use either myself. XD Interesting list though.

  6. Likitung is my favorite pokemon 😐 also it suprisingly can be taught some good moves, at least on the N64 games.

  7. I’ve actually been using serebii.net for a few years now ever since Diamond and Pearl came out. One of my best friends pointed me toward it since he used it all the time, so now it’s my standard Pokemon resource.

  8. Awsome list i agree with everyone and i see u did make a new list like i asked u a long time ago on the best list of pokemon soo thank u for lissining to my replie oh ya the reason why i was trying to get u to check out serebii.net because im apart of that website a big one ok sooo check it out we always need new views ok but our charts have going up since it started in i think 2001 iv been doing this for a long time u can see but we really show the best stuff about pokemon ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please check it out ok

  9. it”s me again . hey i have a ruby version pokemon and im finishing the game (almost)i didn met not even a single picachu not even on safari area . where does it appears and on what level

  10. i dont get it why do not evolve pikachu hes becoming cooler and stronger (…with a huge tail 🙂 …)

  11. you can incluide Susquit, Magneton, Tangela, Togepi and Togetic, Chansey, Cleafairy, etc

    i also think some pokemons have to evolve, but their evolutions suck. for example, Roselia or Gulpin.

  12. I’m not as familiar with the 3rd and 4th generations of pokemon as you are, but I agree Buizel does look awesome. He looks sort of like Tales (Miles Prower) from Sonic the Hedgehog. Only cuter and not as annoying.
    Maybe Jigglypuff was just a popular character from the anime.
    To be perfectly honest it was stupid evolutions like Lickilicky that reeeeally started to turn me off of Pokemon. The series started to lose its sence of charm and origionality.

    I also didn’t like how they made evolutions to Magmar and Electabuzz, which I thought were completely unnecessary.

    Nosepass, as lame as his name was, was a half decent Pokemon whose rock shape was based on the Easter Island statues, but then his evolution takes a unique idea, and makes it just plain ideotic.

    Aipom. A-palm. Dammit, now I feel stupid for never getting that pun.

    If anything, I’d say this article required images of said evolutions just to excentuate you point, because we all haven’t seen these new generations of Pokemon to memorise them. I can understand if you wanted to spare us the agony of having to look at them, and I appreciate that, but perhaps… some links to them for people who dare look.

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