5 Games That Would Work Well With The 3DS’ 3D


Seeing as how the Nintendo 3DS comes out on Sunday here in the US, it’s been on my mind pretty heavily. I had the chance to head out to a local Best Buy and try out the demo copy with Pilotwings Resort, marking the first and thus far only experience I’ve had with the 3DS’s glasses-free 3D graphics. While yes, it does work, it isn’t entirely perfect. The 3D element makes it so that either the foreground or the background is blurred to the point of seeing double, depending on which plane I’m looking at. However, I’m not about to lose hope that a game will come out that makes me glad of my eventual 3DS purchase. Here are five games I want to see made for the Nintendo 3DS explicitly for the purpose of 3D implementation.


Every handheld should have a copy.

The Game Boy was ushered into our homes and our hearts thanks to one simple concept: stacking blocks. Tetris has been released for essentially every single system ever, usually entirely unchanged from the original design of “Drop Blocks, Clear Lines.” Transitioning Tetris over to the 3DS would be incredibly easy, as it always is with every new device, and while there can be the classic play style, a new mode could be included that has Tetris blocks falling in both the foreground and the background that allows you to stack in one of four levels and offers full line-clears in all planes when things go well. Tricky to get just right, but I’m not the one who has to program Tetris into the system. Considering there’s already a Tetris game on the way, possibly something this winter, I don’t think I’m the only one with the idea in his head.

Metroid Prime Hunters:

Think this with better graphics and more players.

An underrated yet surprisingly well-made game for the DS, Metroid Prime Hunters added fairly precise First-Person Shooter controls to the Metroid series, plus added new weapons for variety and an online mode that worked extremely well. The 3DS is supposed to have better online functionality, encouraging my desire for a more mainstream online Metroid experience, but what really has me thinking is the ability of the system’s 3D to add depth, something that could greatly effect the way we play the FPS genre. Including that new dimension allows for a whole new way of experiencing the environment. Done right, this could be what helps with immersion of perspective, letting the aiming cursor and gun feel more like an extension of the immediate space rather than just something else disconnected from us. What better time to try a new Metroid Prime Hunters game than right now?

Pokemon Snap:

If this happened, I'd be that Meowth right there, leaping with a smile on my face.

You may be shocked with how many people absolutely loved Pokemon Snap. And why wouldn’t they? The Nintendo 64 title is unique as it is one of only maybe two games for any system I can think of that involves taking pictures as the primary focus (the other is Afrika, but that’s hardly a game). The largest downside to Pokemon Snap was the length as the entire game could easily be completed in one sitting. Also, just over 60 Pokemon were represented, a sad total compared to the 151 available at the time and infinitely disappointing when placed up against today’s 649. Once again, the 3D element here adds the depth that you’d actually feel when taking pictures, encouraging zooming and focusing to manipulate the camera properly. A new Pokemon Snap with hundreds more Pokemon and dozens of new areas would be such a hit. Even better, add in a mode that implements the augmented reality functions of the system, letting you walk around your living room seeing Pokemon that aren’t really there and snapping pictures with your friends and Charizard. We’ve been waiting long enough for the follow-up, so make it happen, Nintendo!


Yeah, I'm always willing for more of this.

I thought a long time about which RPG needed to be represented here, as I could essentially place any RPG onto this list and make the same claim, but Earthbound, beyond any other, needs to make another appearance in the United States. I’m not talking about a simple remake (I’d take it though). Rather, I want an entirely new title in the franchise, decked out in Earthbound’s special brand of strange. The battle screen is simple enough to use 3D with, letting you see the enemies from a distance with the info stats displayed in front of them, but where the function would really find some legs is via the insanity it could cause from screwing with the audience. Just think, you could have areas that involve rapid changes in perspectives, like an M.C Escher painting-inspired castle or portraits in houses having noses drooping out of the frames. Once more, why not add that augmented reality to the mix and have a section of the game where characters walk around in your bedroom, or make the villain turn out to be you with your face superimposed on a sprite’s body? I don’t care how it all goes down, we need more Earthbound and we need it yesterday.

Virtual Boy Wario Land:

The time to forget the past and think to the future is now!

The ill-fated Virtual Boy stands as Nintendo biggest and only undisputed failure. It was such a disaster that few choose to remember it, and even fewer actually still own one owith any games to go along with it. However one game really interested me: Virtual Boy Wario Land. The Wario Land series is a good one and regrettably a series I’ve under-appreciated more than I’d care to admit. As a kid, the one game that made the most sense to me when looking at the demo kiosks of the Virtual Boy was this strange Wario Land addition, being the only platformer (my genre of choice especially at the time) to be a launch title. Up until now there’s been no way for Nintendo to remake or re-release Virtual Boy Wario Land due to the need of at least two planes of distance, a limitation not present when 3D is added to the system. Now is the perfect time to reinvigorate the Wario Land franchise, or at the very least include Virtual Boy Wario Land in the Virtual Console feature mentioned for the 3DS. How else am I going to play the game?

These are just my five choices though. What games would you like to see on the 3DS that specifically make use of the 3D functionality of the system? Leave a comment and let me know. However, save the comments about the non-3D titles you want to see (that’s a list for next week). In the meantime, I need to run around my house looking for loose change to add to my 3DS fund. Pitch in if you feel inclined!

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