Five Games I’d Like To See On The 3DS Without 3D


At the end of last week, I mentioned five games I’d like to see made for the 3DS with the explicit purpose of using the 3D functionality to add something to the final product. Not one to rest there, I’ve still been kicking ideas around in my head, searching for the perfect list of games that should be on the system. That’s why we have today’s list, another list of five games I want to see made for the 3DS, though in this instance it’s not about the 3D. In fact, some of these games would be completely broken with the inclusion of the 3D element. Still, we’re hitting a new handheld system with a wide range of possibilities, so here are five games I want to see made for the 3DS without 3D.

Super Smash Bros

It's a game that practically designs itself.

Fans of the series have been begging for a handheld edition as far back as the N64 version, but we have still yet to see Smash Bros converted onto a handheld for portable smashing. The two limitations were previously a lack of higher resolution to characters, something that is no longer a problem thanks to the 3DS’ improved graphics, and a lack of real solid controls without a control stick, now a moot point due to the thumb stick controls. With (hopefully) a richer online experience and the easy portability of the system, a 3DS version of Smash Bros would not only be a welcome release from fans, it would absolutely become an instant system-seller, something the 3DS desperately needs and fast.

A New Star Fox Game

Any day now would be great.

Yes, Star Fox has a title already on the way for the 3DS in just a couple of months in the form of a Star Fox 64 remake. While that’s great, I don’t just want a remake of the only really good Star Fox game in 15 years. Rather, I’d prefer a completely new title for the franchise in the same vein as Star Fox 64 featuring on-rails space battles and lots of them. After waiting this long, dedicated Star Fox fans really need something new, otherwise the series is in very real danger of flaming out or just dying away without a flicker. A full console Star Fox is a tough sell these days, but a portable Star Fox with online and local multiplayer only makes sense. Reduce the size but increase the love.

Elite Beat Agents

Yes I'm ready!

Why more people didn’t play Elite Beat Agents is a mystery I’ll never be able to understand as the title is one of the absolute best from the DS’ library. A new entry in the franchise would be simply fantastic, allowing me- and I guess everyone else- to embrace the delicious ridiculousness of a band of special agents that get dispatched to solve problems by singing and dancing (a method that always works). However, trying to use the 3D features would completely break the game and make it needlessly complicated, seeing as how it’s already difficult enough to tap the correct icons to the beats in their present form. Having them float out from the screen would only be weird, or rather, there’d be no need for the 3D anyway as you’ll be staring at the bottom screen the entire time. Whatever, I’m confusing myself, but my heart isn’t confused about needing a new Elite Beat Agents.

Super Mario RPG 2

No plans for a sequel? Yeah, I'd say that's dreadful news alright!

While there have been plenty of excellent Mario & Luigi titles for the DS and the Paper Mario series is a blast, fans of the SNES classic Super Mario RPG never received a true sequel with characters such as Mallow, Geno, and the Axem Rangers. No time is better than the present to rectify such an error with a proper follow-up on a system that needs reasons to exist. Yet again, a full console release would be nice, but placing this on a handheld makes more sense from a value standpoint, allowing the developers to focus on creating a tighter story without having to worry about the overall length of the game and the bonuses needed to pad out a console release. 3D wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it’d hardly need to be the title’s focal point. A new Mario RPG game would be more than enough to make Nintendo fanboys run up to Nintendo and throw sweaty wads of cash at them, myself included.

A Rare Platformer (Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Donkey Kong 64)

You'll never top this unless you start actively trying, Rare.

That little thumb stick nub has me excited to start playing some 3D platformers again, especially Super Mario 64 DS. But when I think back on all the great 3D platformers, I inevitably recall fondly my time spent playing Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64…you know, games Rare made before it forgot how to make games. I want to see them give a platformer another shot- none of this namby-pamby Nuts n’ Bolts crap- and see if they can’t reclaim some of their former glory. Who among you wouldn’t like to see a proper sequel to Banjo-Tooie or Conker’s Bad Fur Day? I would pay good money for either one of those, and it just so happens video games are usually sold for money, so I’d be in luck should Rare ever decide to get its act together.

And there’s my little list of wishes. Do you agree with the choices I put on here? Or are there some other games you’re dying to see on Nintendo’s newest handheld? Leave a comment and let me know. In the meantime, I still have some saving to do before the 3DS is really mine. Thankfully I’m not yet missing much.

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  1. The nice thing is, because it’s a handheld, I don’t think Rare is exempt from making games for it should they get the urge seeing as how Microsoft doesn’t have a handheld and therefore any ports or new games on the 3DS wouldn’t be in direct competition to the Xbox or its investments. A gamer can dream at least.

  2. omg I agree 100% about porting old Rare platformers to the 3DS. I remember back when the DS just came out and Super Mario 64 was ported, all I could think was “Will Rare start porting their old games too?” Then Diddy Kong Racing came out. wut? I like Diddy Kong Racing and all, but it is nothing in comparison to Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64, and the Banjo games. Those were my favorite N64 games. I even had the translucent green n64 console.

    Maybe one day Rare will receive permission from their Microsoft overlords to give us all what we really want.

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