A Hero’s Best Friend: The Top 5 Video Game Pets


If I told you to give me one member of your family that you could absatively possolutely assure me would always love you no matter what, I’m guessing a good 99% of pet owners out there would say their pet wins the spot. Let’s face it, even when we get mad at them, they love us. Even when we’re gone for long portions of time, they love us. So in order to commemorate our companion’s everlasting loyalty (and I guess in relevance with Fable 3, as well as a little upcoming game by Team Ico), I thought it would be kind to make a list of some of games greatest companions who blissfully aided us in our most perilous of adventures.

Nope. Sorry Daxter. You are a little unqualified for this list.

5. Polar (Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back)

Who’s the good boy that makes snow levels fun? Polar is! Oh yes you are.

Over ten years ago, when I first got my Play Station One, Crash Bandicoot 2 was the first game I played for the system, and I immediately fell in love with the game’s style and sense of characterization. Once you reach the second hub world, waiting for Crash outside his level is a little baby polar bear known simply as Polar. If you jump on him enough times, he gives you about a dozen extra lives, which you are definitely going to need as you play his levels over and over again. While Polar isn’t the kind to just let Crash take control, he sure gives him one heck of a ride, charging at sea otters, dodging hunters, and even leaping over killer whales. Good times. Not to mention, he reminds me of my very first stuffed animal as a child, so there.

4. Squitter the Spider (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest)

Spider Monkey! Spider Monkey! Does whatever a spider with buck-teeth, goggly eyes, and Tennis shoes can.

There are only two instances in which I actually like spiders. The first is Spiderman, obviously. The second is this guy. While he may not be as famous as some of the Kong’s other pets, like Rambi the Rhino or Enguarde the Swordfish, Squitter is my personal favorite. It’s just so fun to use his web slinger as a projectile attack to knock out the Kremlings, and how you can web a path to reach secrets from above. Plus, he’s got style. Those eight-piece Air Jordans were totally in back in the nineties.

What the…? Daxter! Stop trying to sneak yourself into my list! It’s too late.

3. Pokemon [Insert your own choice here]

There’s only more than half a thousand to choose from now.

If you look me in the eye and tell me you’ve looked through an entire Pokedex and could not find a single solitary Pocket Monster that appealed to you in any way, than I am convinced your aura is a big grey dingy black hole with no passion to speak of. Whether you fancy something cute, cool, creepy, colorful, or just plain kickass, there is a Pokemon for everyone in this world. And it doesn’t matter what you want to do with them. You can collect your favorite element and create a community, breed them to find their inner strength, or even train a team to be the best there ever was. No matter what, they will be your greatest allies right to the bitter end.

As for me, I gotta’ stick to my guns and go with the fire breathing salamander.

That’s right buddy. After all these years, I still choose you.

(Pranger’s Note: Jolteon FTW!)

2. Epona (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Epic boy on horse is epic.

See, we of the millennial generation don’t acknowledge Don Quixote as the pinnacle bond between a hero and his steed. No. To us, there is only Link and Epona. Right here is full proof that pets will remember you and love you no matter how long it takes for you to come back to them. For Epona, that was seven years. In all that time, he kept himself strong and when the time finally came to jump over that fence to freedom, all of Hyrule was ours for the taking. Not to mention that the trials of Link’s steed would only intensify in his next two games. In Majora’s Mask, he was captured and became the sole purpose of our first rescue mission. In Twilight Princess, the joust across the Bridge of Eldin is still one of the most epic moments in all of gaming.

And the number one pet of video games is…

DAXTER! For the last time, you’re NOT a pet! You’re just Jak’s idiot friend who fell into some dark eco and turned himself into an Ottsel! Enough. Go… hit on bartenders and fight insects on the PSP or something.

1. Yoshi (Super Mario World)

The Egg that hatched the video game-verse as we know it.

How fitting that one of, if not THE very first iconic riding companion in a video game was, in fact, a dinosaur. And just as dinosaurs completely surpass every species that came after them on the awesome meter, so too does this guy. Lets face it, Yoshi can do anything. He jumps incredible lengths, breaths fire, flies, creates earthquakes, and eats practically anything and sends it right back at his opponent. Not only that, with every passing game, it seems like his arsenal of tricks only gets bigger. He didn’t need to be in Super Mario Galaxy 2 to make it on the list, but the fact that he went the extra mile this year to further evolve an already awesome game is exactly the reason why he’s still number one to this day.

That’s all for now folks. Any of you have fond memories of your favorite pixilated pets? I know I couldn’t have gotten to meet them all.

Thanks to Trico here, we’ve got a BIG contender coming up in 2011.

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  1. Yes. This list is very small and incomplete. I decided to make this a very nostalgic list with pets from my childhood, of which I played lots of platformer and adventure games, so that’s where most of my top five came from.
    What is it about Rush that you think makes him a strong pet. In fact what game is he even from? He’s got kind of a catchy name that sounds familiar, however I must be drawing a blank.

    P.S. Chris, I origionaly wrote “absatively possolutely” at the top of the article on purpose as a reference to Dodger’s line in Oliver and Company. That wasn’t a typo.

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