5 Virtual Console Games You Should Have Already Downloaded

Ocarina of Time Cover

My favorite video game ever. Seriously.

If you have a Wii and you have an Internet connection, you should have downloaded a few classic games by now.  They’re cheap, provide a lot of entertainment, and some of these games are the best games ever made.  Here are five that you should have downloaded by now:

ActRaiser: One of the strangest combination of genres, ActRaiser mixes hack n’ slash gameplay with a Populous-style overworld to bring about a wonderful creation that literally puts you in God’s shoes.  Technically, the US version doesn’t call the character God, but the Japanese version is pretty explicit.  If you download ActRaiser, you’re getting a top-shelf game to play over and over and over again.  The soundtrack alone is worth the money.

Gunstar Heroes: Snaps.  Pure ecstasy bottled into a superb run-and-gun for the Sega Genesis, Gunstar Heroes is just action at its finest.  Bring two players along and you’re in for a treat.  The game is just fun.

Axelay: I am a closet 2D shooter fan, so a game like Axelay just tickles me in places that feel good.  It has some good gameplay for not much money and it is tough.  You won’t beat it on your first try, that’s for sure.  I still haven’t beaten it, but it keeps pulling me back for more.

Super Mario RPG cover

Why is it the best games never get a sequel?

Super Mario RPG: My second favorite classic video game of all time, easily found for $8 online.  Mixing Mario with Final Fantasy-style everything worked too perfectly, so much in fact that they never made a true sequel, (unfortunately).  You’re getting a deal here, because Mario RPG has it all: A fun story, good graphics, great music, spot-on controls, and Geno.  Don’t know who Geno is?  Go download the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Duh, my favorite game ever, (I’m not afraid to be a cliché), is also available for purchase for $10 or less.  I can’t go on enough about why this is a great game, so if you don’t already own it on the N64, please do me a favor and play it.  Do it for your Uncle Chris here.


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