Preview of Bioshock 2: Get Ready, Little Sister


Ready to harvest some more little girls?

If this were my little sister, yeah, I'd harvest her.

Few years ago Xbox 360 owners were treated to a game that pushed storytelling in a First Person Shooter to a new level of success. PS3 owners wouldn’t get a hold of Bioshock for quite some time after that, and PC owners are just now getting a chance to see what everyone else was talking about (except Wii-exclusive owners. They’re too busy playing Smash Bros to cry much). It didn’t take long after the release of Bioshock for us to find out that a sequel was on its way. That sequel is Bioshock 2 (catchy title), and is currently scheduled for a February 2010 release (though the release has already been pushed back once, so don’t be surprised when more occur).

But wait, those of you who played Bioshock to a conclusion may be wondering, “What’s left to do?” Apparently a whole heck of a lot.

What’s New?

Bioshock 2’s story takes place 10 years after the ending of the first Bioshock (though I’m not certain which ending is considered canon. Probably the “Good” ending). During the year 1970, little girls start to go missing all over the world with the only common thread being a red light spotted at the kidnappings. Turns out the one responsible is a Little Sister all grown up, which would actually make her a Big Sister. She looks terrifying from screenshots, even more so than the Big Daddies, and those suckers made me freak out on multiple occasions.

This is a Big Sister. I'm glad my sister isn't growing up to be one of these things.

This is a Big Sister. I'm glad my sister isn't growing up to be one of these things.

That’s about the gist of the plot that we know thus far. Oh, and for some reason you’re back in Rapture, except this time you aren’t Jack. This time you’re a Big Daddy; you’re just not the same breed of Big Daddy from the first game. Instead, somehow you retain higher mental capacities, are a good deal faster, and you can use Plasmids, the special abilities from the first game. This doesn’t mean you won’t get to use the drill or the rivet gun the Big Daddies were famous for. You’ll have those, plus some other abilities unlockable throughout the game as you proceed. Also, you can walk underwater, so prepare to explore new parts of Rapture.

The previous hook of the first game revolved around whether you would harvest the Little Sisters for Adam or if you’d save them. The same sort of deal applies here, though there is a bit of a twist. You can still harvest them, but now you’re given the chance to adopt them for a while as they harvest Adam from dead Splicers and such. Eventually you’ll be able to save them like the previous installment, but that comes later. And don’t worry, this isn’t an escort mission since the Little Sisters are indestructible. Eventually though the Big Sister will catch on to you adopting a Little Sister and decide she must now come kill you, leading to one heck of a fight.

Expect Some Multiplayer

Back to the grind.

Back to the grind.

Those expecting something entirely new will be left out. The graphics look about the same as the previous game, which isn’t too bad considering the previous game looked, sounded, and played great. The big new addition here is multiplayer. You’ll get a chance to fight other Bioshock fans in the various multiplayer modes that place you in the Civil War taking place before the events of the first Bioshock. This intrigues me even further.

And that’s about all we currently know. Expect more to trickle out for the next few months as we lead up to the February 2010 release, and expect this one to be a hot title, so maybe a preorder wouldn’t hurt, though with a title this big, I’d be shocked if you can’t still find a copy without much difficulty. In the meantime it wouldn’t hurt to play the original while you have the chance.


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