Games You Should Have Played: Bioshock

This is a prototype image from early builds, but it still demonstrates the terror of a Big Daddy.

This is a Bioshock prototype image from early builds, but it still demonstrates the terror.

First Person Shooters (FPSs for short), are not the kind of games I recommend to everyone. Currently, yes, they are everywhere in video games, but not everyone can get into them or really enjoy them. I am terrible at FPSs and therefore, I prefer not to play them when given the choice. However, there are some FPSs that I’ve played and that I really enjoy. One such example is Bioshock for the Xbox 360, PS3, and now PC, and it’s a Game You Should Have Played.

A Plot Worthy of a Movie

That is terrifying. Like Spider-Man combined with a mutated ex-girlfriend.

That is terrifying. Like Spider-Man combined with a mutated ex-girlfriend.

Bioshock revolves around the character of Jack as he survives a plane crash during the year 1960. He swims to the only land nearby which happens to be a lighthouse-like structure that serves as the entrance to an underwater city known as Rapture. Not too long into the game you are helped by a man named Atlas as the city is, surprisingly, in total chaos and swarming with genetically altered humans called “Splicers.” The villain is the creator of Rapture, a one Andrew Ryan. You will very quickly learn to fear and loath Andrew Ryan.

Beyond just acquiring guns, you have Plasmids at your arsenal. What is a Plasmid?  Think of them as super powers and you’re set. You can fire lightning, fire, ice, bees, levitate things, and all for the purpose of escaping the city, but not before killing Ryan and probably a bunch of Little Sisters in the process.

Wait, you don’t know what a Little Sister is? Well what about a Big Daddy? Ah, you’ll find out. That thing on the game’s front cover? That’s a Big Daddy. Lightly put, Big Daddies will ruin your face and you in turn will ruin your shorts. Every Little Sister has a Big Daddy following them around, and if you can kill a Big Daddy you can decide to save the Little Sister or harvest her for Adam. What’s Adam? Okay, seriously, no more questions.

Focus on Plot, Not Random Shooting

Bioshock Cover

The key focus of the game does not revolve around shooting everything that moves (though you will be doing a lot of that). The plot for this game is frankly one of the best plots for any game to recently come out. I was genuinely interested to find out more about this world. The entirety of Rapture’s history is conveyed to you via radio diaries that you can find scattered all over the game. They are entirely optional to find, but you’ll soon discover yourself scouring every last corner to find them all.

In short, the backstory is so intriguing that I’m salivating at the very thought of a novelization (why books make me salivate I am unclear).

Possibly the only aspect of gameplay you may take offense with has to do with the difficulty. The game is…not exactly difficult and this is all because you have no penalty for death, nor does it do much except inconvenience you slightly by sending you to a Vita-Chamber.

Hardcore fans of FPSs will have no difficulty playing the game on even the toughest difficulty, so don’t expect to get your jollies unless you force yourself never to use a Vita-Chamber. Then the game would become masochistic in practice. No, the real purpose of the game is to explore this world, learn more about it, and escape it as soon as possible.

Also, to set many things on fire, throw carcasses into other attackers via telekinesis, and then perhaps more fire, all while enjoying the story.

You shouldn’t have any trouble tracking down a copy of Bioshock for a good deal. I found mine for $10 used and in good condition. The game is currently retailing at $29.99, though you can probably find it cheaper depending on where you look. Also, Steam has it for offered for $19.99. Once more, you have no reason not to play this game. Unless you aren’t old enough to play Mature games. Then you have a reason to play this game, but only until you turn 18.


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