Blocky Highway, more endless cubes


I’m not going to begrudge anyone that takes a hot trend and makes a game out of it, but I’ve about had my fill of blocky/pixel games, most of which seem to be endless. And Blocky Highway is both.

Lets even talk about the name: Blocky Highway. That’s just lazy. But I digress…

Blocky Highway

Blocky Highway takes the Crossy Road model and applies it to an endless driving game, not unlike the hundreds of other endless runners out there. Here, you have to drive your vehicle as far as possible without crashing, all while collecting coins and special items.

It’s a simple arcade concept that has been proven, and while Blocky Highway is far from a bad game, it’s just somewhat uninspiring.

The coins you collect go towards opening prize boxes that contain new vehicles. So far I’ve unlocked ones that range from a go-kart to an Army truck…heck, even a steam roller. However, as much as I can tell, the vehicle you choose doesn’t impact the play or control. The garbage truck is just as fast and nimble as the go-kart.

As you drive down the road of life, there are a couple of teammates in the form of a helicopter and semi truck. With the semi truck, you pull you vehicle on the back (a la Spy Hunter) and then control the invincible hauler. Pretty fun, all thingsĀ considered. The helicopter just picks up your car and drops it a ways down the road…less fun.

The best aspect of Blocky Highway is that having “near misses” with the other cars on the road gets you extra bonus. This turns the game into less about how far you can get but how close you can get to traffic without crashing…or at least that’s the challenge I give myself.

Blocky Highway isn’t as fun as Crossy Road or Pac-Man 256, nor does it keep you coming back like those new classics, but it’s good for a quick drive every now and then. Considering the game is free in the App Store, it’s certainly worth a play. If jumping chickens and pigeons aren’t your thing, maybe school buses and tanks will do the trick.

Blocky Highway

6.3 More blocks, more endlessness
  • Presentation 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • Challenge 5
  • Longevity 5

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