Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Review for PSP

I think we needed this guy a while ago.

I think we needed this guy a while ago.

The Soul Calibur franchise is a favorite of mine since I enjoy fighting games but could never excel in the technical side of them save for Smash Bros and somehow magically in Soul Calibur 2. Weapon-based combat is just fun and Soul Calibur has always been there to make sure it stays fun.

Is it worth your money? That all depends on a few factors.

You aren’t going to get a new game here. Broken Destiny is literally just Soul Calibur on your PSP. If you’ve wanted a hand-held, portable Soul Calibur game, then hot dog, you’ve got a great game here. If you already own Soul Calibur 2, 3, or 4, then why bother?

For a PSP game, that's some impressive graphics.

For a PSP game, that's some impressive graphics.

Graphically the game is impressive. You can tell that the handheld title is pushing the PSP to keep up with it. That’s a good thing since Soul Calibur games are known for how good they look. This one holds up just as well, though of course it isn’t going to be as stunning as a console version. Keep in mind that this is still on a handheld.

Soul Calibur PSP CoverAll the controls stay the same from what you’d expect. There aren’t any problems there, nor are there any real changes in combat. You get a few new characters with the most notable inclusion being God of War’s Kratos as a perfect fit for the Soul Calibur universe, but still, this isn’t an advancement of the franchise. Broken Destiny is just keeping the franchise warm until it can make the next big installment.

I’m sad to say that there aren’t a lot of¬†unlockables this time ’round, nor is there a canonical storyline to build off of, but there is at least a “story mode” to keep you busy for a while.

Everything is just going to have to be about one-on-one fighting, unlocking new weapons and pieces to customize a character, and ogling digitized females (assuming you really have nothing better to do with your time).

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny isn’t a game that’s going to get much notice now or later, but it also isn’t a bad game. It’s simply just a game that “is.” You can pick it up wherever games are sold for around $39.99.


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