Crossy Road, fixing the frog problem


Frogger isn’t one of my favorite games. It might have been my first video game experience, but that is its only claim to fame in my world. So how do you make Frogger worth playing? You do with it what you do with every modern game – make it random and endless.

I have to admit that I’m playing the crap out of Crossy Road right now. Yes, it’s a Frogger clone but done in a way that is cute, fun, fast and rewarding.

Crossy Road

As in Frogger, the point of Crossy Road is to cross various roads without getting hit. Only here you have roads, train tracks and the always popular, logs on a river. There are no patterns in Crossy Road, however, every game will be different…and that includes your character.

You start with a chicken (which makes way more sense than a frog in the firts place) but as you play, you earn coins and can then use those coins to unlock other characters…such as a frog. My favorites so far is the Poopy Pigeon, which farts and poops every few steps, and the ghost, which “glows” in the dark. The varying characters are purely aesthetic. The frog doesn’t hop any faster/better than the unicorn.

The whole point of Crossy Road is to simply get as far as you can. The number of successful jumps is your score. So far, I’m up to 234, which sounds horrible but I have no way to find out just how bad (or good) that may be. My wife hasn’t reached 100 yet so I’ll take 200+ as decent. I’d probably have 300 by now if it weren’t for those pesky logs!

If there’s any flaw in Crossy Roads it’s the controls. A single tap anyway on the screen makes you jump forward, but to go left/right/backwards, you need to swipe. Swiping makes sense but it can lend itself to confusion and inaccuracy when you’re in the middle of a 8-lane highway and need to make some quick jumps.

If you had asked me how to make Frogger better, I’m not sure I would have had an answer. I guess I wasn’t really asking for a better Frogger in the first place, but I’m glad the guys that made Crossy Road answered that question. I can’t stop playing and I’m enjoying every (poopy) step. And better yet, it’s free.

Crossy Road

7.0 Finally something to hop about
  • Presentation 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • Challenge 6
  • Longevity 7

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