DoDonPachi Resurrection, no emulation needed


The DoDonPachi shoot ’em series is the stuff of legend. You have all other shooters and then you have the DoDonPachi games.

If you’re a fan of the shmup genre then there are a few titles you must have in your game collection. Batsugun, Ikaruga, and DoDonPachi…amongst a few others.

The niche of shmups

The first DoDonPachi game was released in 1997 in the arcades and over the years has been ported all over the place along with its many sequels. However, I’ve always played my arcade shmups via emulators like MAME because well…money.

It’s bad, I know, but even though I’m a fan, I’ve always found top shelf shmups like these overly expensive. Even for the titles that have been ported to mobile platforms qualify as “premium” games since they cost between $5 and $15. And that’s just for ones that have been converted, many haven’t and remain arcade-only titles (at least for us here in America).

The Xbox 360 helped a bit by bringing a lot of these titles to their Arcade for a reasonable price. My 360 collection of shooters is one reason I still have my 360 hooked up. Nothing really beats playing these games with a proper controller on a big screen, even if they weren’t intended to be played that way. However, DoDonPachi remained elusive unless you were in Europe.

More bullets for your buck

Thankfully, this month everyone can finally enjoy the bullets of DoDonPachi because the game is now available on Steam. And to be more accurate, it’s DoDonPachi Resurrection, which is is just one of the many games in the series. But they picked a great selection and loaded it up…and it’s a good thing they did because the $25 price tag isn’t the easiest to swallow for one game that’s almost 10 years old.

I justified the price a few ways. One, I’d been mooching for years on emulators so I felt it was time to make good. Second, it comes with every mode and arrangement the game ever had so far, from the original to the black label releases…so you’re getting the complete package. And it’s also nice to have your high scores saved instead of resetting when you power down, so there’s that too.

Yet the downside (at least for me) is that I can’t play this on my big television. I don’t have a media PC or anything so I’m stuck playing in the office but thankfully I can use my PS4 controller so it’s still game time I can enjoy.

It’s safe to say the bullet hell style of shooter isn’t for everyone. It’s very difficult, brutal, in fact. Most of the time you can’t even see what the hell is going on…so many colors, sounds, flashing, bullets…I mean, it’s called “hell” for reason but in that same breath, it’s very rewarding when you reach a new stage or high score.

Of course, if you’re looking to maybe try this DoDonPachi game but don’t want to lay out the 25 beans, check out the iOS version. It’s the same game but only a $5 download. I’ll say that playing shmups on the phone/tablet is something to be desired and doesn’t really compete playing with a real controller or joystick, but it’ll at least tell you if it’s something you’ll dig before you invest.



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