Dungeon Raid, still worth it after all these years


I don’t when I first played Dungeon Raid, but it was before my kid was born and when I was still doing podcasts, which means it was at least 3 years ago. That alone doesn’t mean much but fact is I still play Dungeon Raid regularly, almost daily, and for any game that’s quite an accomplishment.

Dungeon Raid Lite

At first glance, Dungeon Raid isn’t anything special – just another RPG-ish game where you match swords, shields and gems…but after this long, I have to say that there is clearly something special about Dungeon Raid that has kept me coming back for so long. By this point, I’ve played hundreds of mobile games, many of which follow the same model but for some reason they don’t stay with me. I play them for a week or so and then move on…not so with Dungeon Raid.

Dungeon Raid

Dungeon Raid, still fun after all these years

If I had to guess, I think the lack of trying to be different is what makes Dungeon Raid so good. Other games try to throw in aspects that try to make them different, or better…or to try and squeeze a few extra dollars out of you. Dungeon Raid doesn’t do any of that. You match swords, you kill skulls, you upgrade and try to get the highest score possible. Simple and fun.

Dungeon Raid is a very “face value” game that doesn’t require you to dig too deep. There are no parties to manage or spells to learn. You just draw a path through matching items and hope for the best. There’s just enough strategy and just enough variance to keep you trying over and over again.

Now I’m not saying Dungeon Raid keeps me up at night for hours on end (FTL is still doing that) but Dungeon Raid is my go-to bathroom game. Look, we all play games in the bathroom – don’t lie – and with my phone I could play any number of games, but it always goes back to Dungeon Raid. Certainly in that context, I think the average play time has something to do with it too. A single session isn’t too short,but it doesn’t last a half hour. It’s just right.

There are also two versions of Dungeon Raid, the pay version and the defacto “lite” version – and I’ve been playing the free version all this time. I don’t even know if there’s a difference between the two shy of no banners ads, but even then I don’t care. I’ve gotten more (free) mileage out of Dungeon Raid than any other entertainment app on my phone. I know that alone is worth $2 but I’ve been so happy with free, why risk it?

What game on your phone have you been playing the longest? Just don’t say Candy Crush, please….

Dungeon Raid

7.5 Years of fun
  • Presentation 6
  • Gameplay 7
  • Challenge 7
  • Longevity 10

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