EA Grand Slam Tennis Review for Wii


ea-grand-slam-tennis-coverI think it’s only fair to begin my review of EA Grand Slam Tennis by letting you know a little fact about me: I was absolutely nuts over Mario Tennis on the N64.

I must have spent days upon days of actual time repeatedly playing every mode the game offered, eventually becoming somewhat of a Mario Tennis god.  I played so much that I decided to go out and learn to play actual tennis.

Since then, it’s been extremely difficult to rekindle my love of tennis in video games.

What this means for EA Grand Slam Tennis is that I’m inevitably going to compare it to Mario Tennis, (the original, not the newer version on the GameCube or the laughably poor Wii-make).

Unfortunately, this means that despite how good EA’s new tennis game actually is, I’ll never be able to like it more than my first love, no matter how hard I try or how good the game is, simply because it doesn’t have Mario in it and without the arcade-style gameplay, I just cannot get invigorated by a tennis game.

I became even more jaded after playing Wii sports Tennis.

grand-slam-backhandHowever, my nagging is not enough to make me disown EA Grand Slam Tennis.  For all accounts, it is the best tennis game you can choose from at this point in video gaming, purely based on play control.  Thanks to Wii MotionPlus, the new add-on that surprisingly works miracles, Grand Slam Tennis is based more off of skill than just luck or cheapness.

The learning curve is entirely unforgiving, but when you get it just right, nothing feels better.

EA Tennis: It’s Fun but Requires an Investment

However, my economical side kicks back in and begs the question regarding how much you’d like to spend for a really good tennis experience on the Wii.  For the game to play proper, MotionPlus is required, but the only way to have that is to buy the add-on for $20 or plop down the extra $10 to have it included when you buy Tiger Woods’ PGA 10.

Overall, I just don’t find myself wanting to spend $70 for a tennis game.  But if Mario came back in a new arcade-style tennis game, I’d reconsider.


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