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Fans have been demanding a remake of Final Fantasy VII pretty much since it’s initial release, and today Yoichi Wada, the president of Square Enix, came out and made the remake plans official. Clear your schedules because Final Fantasy VII: Jenova’s Rebirth is slated for a 4th quarter 2012 release. Naturally, the plans are for a PS3 release, but there have been some hints that a version is also in the works for Sony’s next console, though that’s purely speculation.

I bet this image's been haunting your dreams for a while now.

Famitsu, the usual breaker of all things secret and otherwise in video games, has the scoop already printed in this month’s upcoming issue. I’ve got some contacts (don’t ask me how I have these, I just do), who were kind enough to send me some scans of the cover detailing the story. How Famitsu gets these early stories is beyond me, but hey, as long as we’re poaching the news from them I can’t complain.

Would they really lie about something like this? I doubt it.

What is this game in the first place? I’ve mentioned Final Fantasy VII in a number of articles, and while it hasn’t always been in a favorable light, it’s time I talked a little bit about a Game You Should Have Played. Except, this one’s a little different. I fully expect people to embrace Mario 3 and Ocarina of Time without reservation. Final Fantasy VII has started to become one of those game classics that everyone says you should have played but no one really wants to play, similar to a good classic novel. Think of it like War and Peace. You know you’d like to have read it, but do you really want to?

Confirmed game case currently in development.

I first played the story of Cloud Strife’s battle through Midgar to stop Sephiroth from destroying the world with Meteor back when I was in my sophomore year of high school. I initially got the PC version, which is odd to think that Squaresoft bothered with that port in the first place, but it didn’t work. Every time I entered a battle I’d get kicked back to Windows and have to reopen the game screen, now without sound. I was forced to return my copy and wait until I actually had a Playstation of my own.

More Famitsu pages, just because.

Of course, I didn’t just go out and buy one. Rather, I used a kid I knew to lend me his Playstation and copy of the game. Don’t mistake this guy for my friend. I’m not proud of my actions, in fact this is me at my worst, but hey, gamers gotta game sometimes, don’t we? I made sure to buy my own memory card, in case he tried to kidnap my precious Tifa, and promptly went out to buy my own copy of the game at a used price of probably $10. Right now you’ll be lucky to find a working copy for under $50. It was a while after that before I actually had my own Playstation, another used purchase at maybe $20. I was thrifty and it got results.

The actual game had me hanging off of every word the characters said. The music got me going, especially at certain plot points. I remember feeling extremely haunted when my party was captured and placed in holding cells in the Shinra headquasters, only to wake up and discover their cell doors open and a trail of blood leading to the top floor where Sephiroth’s sword was found sticking out of the back of Shinra’s president. One of the best singular moments of a game excelling at storytelling.

The sad part of all of this is that I can’t play Final Fantasy VII again. I’ve tried on multiple occasions, but I lose interest right about the time I get out of Midgar and am allowed to explore the greater world. Part of this comes from already knowing the story and the resolution (spoiler, there isn’t any). The sequel movie, Advent Children, is amazing and wraps the game’s story up rather nicely. Dirge of Cerberus, the PS2 sequel staring Vincent, is completely skipable.

I think the game's done so well because no one wants to let this cast go away.

For me, the main reason to keep going back is the music. You will definitely find yourself liking the soundtrack, and the remixing community is showing no sign of relenting. Voices of the Lifestream, an OCRemix album, is not only recommended but demanded listening. Seriously, just click the link I provided and go download the free album right now. It’s good stuff.

A remake of the game is going to be well received by fans, that’s for sure, but is it really needed? Maybe that’s a question for another day and a Let’s Think Deep. In fact, come by tomorrow and you’ll probably see that exact article.

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  1. Well just as many of you, I love the Final Fantasy series. We can’t deny that FF VII was an icon that many tried and still trying to copy in some way. Don’t misunderstand me; I love all FFs, currently playing XIII and waiting for Versus, but remaking VII will not only great joy to our hearts but imagine how the business will grow. So admit it, if what I’ve heard is true; that the director of Final Fantasy XIII, Motomu Toriyama “really want to remake FFVII” if he had the manpower, there’s plenty of us here willing to help, even if all we got to do is give coffee to all those smart programmers. Really, just imagine… and don’t lose hope.

  2. I agree that they should remake ff7 and make it LIKE kingdom hearts except with some gameplay changes. as in multi-player and single player. like the main character of course is cloud….. freakin epic….. then build your team suiting your intrests in fighting. in single player give your allies a GOOD AI and on multi-player well kinda self explanitory. man if they made a remake the guys at square enix would be my gods.

  3. they need 2 st0p playing and just make a remake I had d0wnloaded this 00n the playstation network and the 0ther day I bet it and I thought it was a pretty dam g00d game s0 I think they need 2 d0 a remake but I think that they should make this an action rpg like kingom hearts and it will be even better if they d0 it like tht

  4. Well, not an insult to you, Kenneth. I just get sick of people commenting purely to tell me I suck.

    Seriously, if you look at the raw facts, the most-read article to date is this one, an article I threw together as an April Fool’s joke because I didn’t have the time or money to do something more elaborate, but people still tell me I’m an idiot and whatnot for succeeding at internet writing, i.e. get the most amount of people to read your content with the minimal amount of effort. Oh well, trolls gotta have their fun, too I guess.

  5. @kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I wasn’t joking when I said all those things about not playing Final Fantasy 7 yet. I was being Dead Serious.

  6. I’ve heard that Squeenix has considered remaking FFVII but their real snag is time. To remake the game at a quality level, even though they have the money, will cost them years and years to accomplish, far more than is feasible to return a profit for money and time spent.

  7. Ok i am sure that this idea has surfaced before but if not i am gonna put it on the table. this video game needs either a remake or more story that is available on a gaming console. i reccomend that someone legitemantly organize a donation to square enix. i would gladly donate $100.00 to have some sort of extension. I am sure that there is at least a million people that would do the same if it was legit. so square enix needs to light a fire under their a**. But i will say thank you for advent children, crisis core, dierge of cerebus, kingdom hearts, eirgheiz, etc.

  8. Haha, yeah, it’s pretty funny that our site’s most-viewed article on a weekly basis is one that suckers readers into thinking an April Fool’s Joke is real. Ha! Hahaha!

  9. I would definitely like to see a remake of Final Fantasy 7. I’ve never played the first one that was made for the PS1, mainly because no one would bother to loan it to me whenever I asked and no one sells it anywhere, but from what i’ve seen in the Movie, it’s by all means worth trying out. I’d purchase it off the internet on my PS3 if I could, but I save my money for more important things to help my family.

    All i’ve ever wanted was a chance to try out the game. Is that really too much to ask for?

    So if they do make a remake of Final Fantasy 7 onto the PS3, i’m gonna pre-order that game faster than a bolt of lightning.

  10. dude this joke been used before so it just sucks haha… BUT i do like all the supid complaints and stupid come backs there just funny as hell hahahahaha good job on that lol

  11. Dear Mr. Goblowadonkey Pranger,

    Wow! What a strange coincidence of a name! I’ve known a lot of Prangers in my day, but I’ve never met one whose first name is “Goblowadonkey.” I’m so sorry about that. School must have been really hard. I can tell, what with the ferocity that you’re defending a video game that’s made millions, entertained millions, and topped so many lists of quality games. It’s a good thing loyal fans like you, Goblowadonkey, are ready to take up the fight since if not for you, everyone would just think this game is awful and Square Enix would go out of business. Oh no! 🙁

    I thank you for your opinions, but mine just goes as such: 1. I liked FF7 when I first played it but can’t get through even the first disc anymore. 2. April Fools for a penniless freelance writer is very difficult to do anything really funny, so I probably shouldn’t try pulling simple-yet-effective jokes next year like this one here still getting people half a year after the fact. 3. Ironic that both happy readers and unhappy readers alike count the exact same same on my traffic reports.

    Could I just ask that you refrain from the expletives next time you comment? It’s just that I have to go and manually edit each comment like that before I approve it, so that the commenter can still say what they want about me without offending too many people and gosh darn it, isn’t that what we’re all here to do? Not unintentionally hurt other people’s feelings? I’m glad you see my point Goblowadonkey. Once again, such an unfortunate name. If I was a worse person, I’d e-mail you relentlessly at or post the e-mail at 4chan and let them take care of it for the lulz, but I’m just such a nice guy myself. 🙂

    By the way, do you know Dolores? She seems to know a lot more Prangers than I do since she makes the Texas trips so frequently, although I assume she’d have mentioned someone with such an unusual name. Strange. You must be one of the German Prangers then.

    -Chris Pranger

  12. Goblowadonkey Pranger on

    dude, you [expletive] suck. Not only does the joke suck but your responses suck. And you suck. Oh, did I mention you suck?

    And the game translates incredibly. Best story through a game ever and there are millions of people who want it. So, go [expletive] yourself, then eat [expletive], then die and burn in hell you worthless mother [expletive].

  13. LightningStrike on

    This seriously is… I don’t know what to describe it as. This is like giving someone one billion pounds and telling them to spend it on whatever they want, and then they find out its all fake. It’s like giving someone the woman they’ve dreamed of for centuries, and then killing her.

    You are one massive b******.

    But still, it was a good joke if I’m honest. xD It has made me laugh now I’ve got over my initial unstoppable hatred for you ;] I really hope they do make a remake… that would be incredible.

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