No Where Near the Final: Final Fantasy XIII Preview

You'll be seeing a lot of her for a while.

You'll be seeing a lot of her for a while.

You know that Final Fantasy XIII is on its way, right? It’s been quite a few years in the works, but we’re finally getting rough release dates for the game of games. Currently, Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for a December release in Japan, which means an early-mid 2010 release for the US (expect those dates to change like crazy). But what’s all the hype about?

We’ve Only Been Waiting for 3 Years

For starters, any new final Fantasy title is a big deal. Wait, let me rephrase that; any new NUMBERED Final Fantasy title is a big deal. That’s because we don’t get them very often, and when we do the games are polished down to such perfection that we can’t but either nominate them for every award possible or desperately search for the problems so that we may properly scorn them (not possible).

Final Fantasy XIII LogoFinal Fantasy XII met with a lot of praise and a lot of indifference (I have a copy but I never bothered to open it, for example), so the next installment has some high hopes.

From what everyone has seen and played of the game one thing has become clear: This game is going to win every award it can for the year after it’s released. There’s no arguing that. The only chance any other game has is if it’s a sleeper success, but that’s not likely against this one. Just go to any major gaming website and find some trailers for the game. The game looks huge, interesting, and super confusing… but in a good way.

This will be one of the best looking games up till this point in gaming, whether you like it or not.

I’ve been going out of my way not to find out what the plot of the game is. Most of my reasoning comes from my desire to just play the game fresh and without any expectations in terms of what the plot has to offer. I can assume from the things I’ve seen that there is a future with a governmental system that needs to be overthrown by a rag-tag group of rebels lead by a snappy leader and a new character that magically has abilities no one has never seen before, but that’s just me assuming things again.

A PS3 Exclusive Leaves Wii out to Dry

If you can figure out what's happening here, you know more than I do.

If you can figure out what's happening here, you know more than I do.

The biggest news for us in the US concerns which system gets this beast. Originally it was going to be a PS3 exclusive. Now it’s coming out in the 360 as well. That’s a major hit to Sony, but a major boon for all 360 fans. Doesn’t matter which system you have or support; the important thing is that EVERYONE (except Wii owners), now get a chance to experience THE game. Yes, this will be the biggest game to (maybe) hit stores next year even if you don’t like RPGs or Final Fantasy or Square-Enix.

As I said, expect the game sometime next year, though probably by late this year we’ll be able to hear from Japan exactly what we can expect from the title. Plop down a preorder and keep some vacation days open for this one.


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